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  1. Thxs Guges. Actually the follower is just fine. The top part that is broken KWA calls it the Magazine Lip. I already have a replacement for it as I found today a 3rd (also broken) KWA M226 magazine. Fortunately the part broken here is the bottom plate as it fell on concrete. But the upper part is all well. I can make one good magazine out of two broken ones. I am more interested though in the trigger question. Anyone has answers? Thank you Leo P
  2. Hello all, this is my first posting in a very long while. I am a veteran when it comes to Airsoft, but had to put it aside for just normal life. So all the rifles and guns I had were put in storage in my study room (so very controlled ambient) and sat there for a good 3-4 years. Before storing, I gave them a good clean up and lubrication (I do my own maintenance and feel very comfortable opening really anything). Out of my 7 guns, my preferred has always been the KWA M226 PTP, bought when they came out at AEX Santa Clara. It is my preferred primary sidearm, and have used in competitions when AEX used to organize them. Yesterday I took my M226 out, thinking it was time to get back to shoot in the back yard. I have two magazines. The original was in the well, and the second one in the storage compartment in the box. After giving it a look through, field strip, cleaning any over-lubing (not much actually), it was time to set the targets up and see how the gun held up unused for this long. Problem one: the extra magazine would not go into the gun. It felt like it was not the right magazine, or something was inside the magazine well. With a flash light I could not see anything, so I removed the two grips. there was nothing inside that could hinder the magazine getting all the way. I also tried the other magazine, and it worked fine. So I looked the magazine itself. To my disbelief, I noticed a small crack in the metal in the front of the BB feeder at the top. Comparing the two magazines, I could see that in fact this part had swollen just enough that it could no longer get into the gun well. As I disassembled the magazine, the top part actually was broken in three pieces, as per the first two pictures. I hope you can see below the red arrow the crack in the metal. Well, this means I need a new magazine .......... On to the shooting. Never got to that. Problem 2: I test fired the gun, with no gas, no BBs. The trigger felt odd. And it did not spring back. Not only that, the bottom of the trigger scraped against the trigger guard and broke off some metal. WHAAAAAAT??????? This time I disassemble the gun, and I found a bunch of little pieces of metal, plus the two main parts that used to be one trigger. See the last picture. I got this gun over 7 years ago (I made a review video, that by my today standard would not have been published [Youtube]), so I would ask you to check your KWA guns. I have not looked at the rest I have (4), but I will do so tomorrow. To the questions: 1- has anything like this been seen with KWAs? 2- while checking out for parts (the trigger especially), I noticed that the KWA looks very similar to the real Sig Sauer trigger; could it be possible I could swap in the real trigger? saw one for $32 online. Any help would be grateful. Cheers Leo P
  3. I use Javelin BBs almost exclusively; I do have a few japanese made (not sure who makes them, got them at the AEX store) and also a couple of bags of the transparent BBs from a few years back. In this case I was using the .20 Javelin, which is what I use for all tests and tuning. I then use that as a base and find the right weight got each pistol to give me the best groupings. [NOTE: no make and type pistols are equal, so my findings may not work with others] None of my other pistols (KWAs and TMs) and rifles have problems with the Javelin BBs. Cheers Leo
  4. I recently got the new TM Px4 Storm from TM. It is a great gun, but it does have that plastic feel like any other Japanese made gun (not just TM). I also got an extra magazine (as I always do when I buy a new gun). Today I finally got to run a few tests with it in my back yard, and had some issues with BBs feeding, more with one magazine than the other (but both showed this problem). After a number of tries, I figured that the back pusher that pushes the BBs up, sometimes wedges itself with the last BB against the side wall of the magazine. It never happens at the same spot. I was wondering if anyone that has the TM Px4 has this same problem. I will check with AEX in the meantime to see what they have to say. Cheers Leo
  5. Its like credit cars, the exchange is done by the company, in this case Paypal. I sold some stuff to people living in Japan, and they used Paypal. I am sure they saw the prices in yen, but I received the equivalent in $s. Cheers Leo
  6. Instead of getting the 300% spring, I would suggest you start with the Advanced Cylinder kit. As for the inner barrel, remember you need a 509 mm TB. My setup is just those two (TB is a 6.04 from CA, but plan to eventually go smaller). I use .3 gr BBs and above, and I am pretty happy with the setup. It shoots between 500 and 550 fps (I do not remember exactly as it has been a while I tested at the AEX range). I would also recommend a hard type hop up bucking for the increased ftp. Leo
  7. Did you check AEX? they show the fluted version in stock. Leo
  8. I have all 4 of them, and honestly I like all of them (the USP less due to being a weaker GBB than the rest). Of the 4 I prefer the M9 PTP as it is already powerful and all metal. Very durable. Do not forget that KWA has or will soon, announce a whole battery of TB inner barrels for their handguns. Cheers Leo PS. I prefer the P226 which is the KWA SIG 226 PTP. Excellent gun, and my preferred sidearm.
  9. Yesterday after work, I checked the AEX website and saw that the KWA KP45 Match were finally here. I wanted to get my hands on one since KWA announced it at the beginning of the year. Before I continue, I should point out that I already own the old KP45 (pre-NS2) and the new KP8 Compact (NS2). So now I finally had the pistol in my hands. Heavy, as the front compensator is a large piece of aluminum which is attached to the lower rail of the pistol. As the others before, if you take out the magazine, the pistol is very top heavy, especially now with that compensator. One important note is that the inner barrel is longer than the regular KP45, all the way to the edge of the compensator (the outer barrel is also longer into the compensator). This gives the pistol a higher accuracy rate compared to the regular KP45. Since I was in the store, I also checked the regular KP45 (they also have the tactical, but the only difference is that it has a threaded outer barrel), and compared the two at their range . The pistol, loaded with the magazine, was very balanced, and the match was a bit heavier than the regular. Both shot 315 fps on average. Though the NS2 addresses the cool down of the magazine, if you shoot too rapidly, you will still loose fps; so keep an eye on the cool down period (1-2 seconds between each shot). To my surprise, I was not impressed by the Match pistol. It has good accuracy, well balanced, crisp blowback, so why I was not impressed? Let me explain. I have a TM Hicapa 5.1, with a full metal kit, and the Tanio Koba P14 Tactical Grip. I changed the grip because I feel the P14 grip set is the best one around. It fits my hands perfectly and incredibly comfortable. Unfortunately the KP45 grip cannot be changed, as it is part of the pistol frame. Also, and I sort of expected that, there was no difference in shooting the regular and the match pistols. Alas, I walked out of the store not with a new pistol (for which I was waiting for a long time), but with a new tightbore inner barrel for my Hicapa. Having said all of the above, the KP45 Match is a very good looking pistol. It shoots well, it is balanced well. If you like the the USP platform, its a wonderful pistol to have. Cheers Leo
  10. If you read the threads on this very subject, you will see that most people agrees that the PDI is superior from the CA advance cylinder set. Having said that, I have never seen a side by side comparison of the 2 cylinders, so I am guarded on taking that agreement as fact. Personally I have installed the CA cylinder, and I am happy with it. I have never seen the PDI, so I cannot make a judgment call on which is better. Leo
  11. lpesce

    Cheytac M200

    Correction. AEX people told me they clocked at around 500 fps. Leo
  12. lpesce

    Cheytac M200

    Maybe this review will help: from RedWolf: from AirsoftGI: RedWolf mentions 280 fps spring and 300 fps gas. Just remember that accuracy and distance in airsoft are iffy at best at long distances (ie. over 200'). Cheers Leo
  13. I finally got to see it at AEX. They received it last week. I took my Real Sword over at the store to compare it. The CA is $200 less than the RS. The major difference is that the RS has real wood furniture, as the CA is black plastic. I also found the CA a little wobbly, though that must be from the plastic. The CA is also a lighter than the RS. I did not shoot the CA, so I do not know how it shoots, but the people at AEX said that it shoots OK. The scope is a replica also, and it is a bit cheap looking and at $200 its a bit expensive (though it is not sold separately). It was clear enough, and it is lighted. (the sample did not have the battery in). While discussing with people at the store, it looks like this Dragunov is a replica of the chinese Dragunov, and not the russian, as it was with the RS offering. But we are not 100% sure. The only thing I liked was that the front furniture comes off easier than on the RS (I still need to use a hammer and screw driver to get the ring to move so I can open it to get to the battery). On the CA, the ring slides smoothly. One other thing we commented, was the "bling" for the hop up. The round cylinder to move the hopup plunger is a metallic blue, just like the hop mods for RC cars. For the price, it is a good buy, but you can get a much cheaper scope for it, real one too (I got mine for $100). Cheers Leo
  14. Nice paint job Sat. I have the one from ARES, in OD, and hope to start painting mine soon. I have a bunch to do, aside the AWS. Leo
  15. You should try to take out the cylinder with the bolt and see if the bolt moves up and down, out of the receiver. Maybe it is too tight. I do not have this problem, and had not heard of something similar. The bearings and springs behind the bolt are still the originals? Leo
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