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  1. I believe the idea is the bore up allows you to generate more air with a smaller spring , the smaller spring makes the rifle wobble less
  2. Hey everyone was excited today got my glock , Put saftey on got the mag out ,Pushed down the two taps tryed to slide it back didnt work realized I had to slide it forward , I slide it forward it came off I slid it back on tried to pull it back didnt work , help ? Sorry Fixed it , had spring guide pushed to far down , Apparently it has to hang on the edge or something , Mod please delete DO NOT POST HERE
  3. What other upgrades do you have ? A 170 Spring is going to make the pull alot harder , Id recommend lubing everything up well . Also when I heard a grinding in my rifle it was because my spring guide stopper was falling out , I fixed it by tapeing it down. Edit : I don't know much about the teflon , but see if your spring catch is falling out , and when putting everything in your cylinder make sure everything is lined up correctly espically the cylinder head
  4. Simply get a large allen wrench ( I think its and allen wrench ) unscrew the one on your stock cylinder and put it on your new one. Its cake
  5. Hey everyone I need some help I soon will be buying KWA Full Metal M18 C http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=190 MAybe a High flow valve mag aswell ( since there out of standard mags :/ ) On a mag full of propane with a high flow valve how many shots do you think I will get ? How many shots do you think I will get on a standard mag with no high flow valve? Thanks !
  6. I appreciate the warning sicknick354 , I wont use it on full auto as much as I had planned. Does anyone know of a dependable site where I can buy a KWA Glock 18c , I can only find the KSC 18c on redwolf. I refuse to use propane I felt as if I wanted to barf my brains out , Is there a guide anyone for proper mag lubeing ? If I buy a KWA and I will use green gas do I still need lube ? Any estimations of fps with the KSC using H134a , and KWA using green gas?
  7. Hey everyone ! I find myself in need of a side arm , And are almost 100% sure I want a GBB glock 18c I have a few questions , Id love if you could help clear some things up. 1. Whats the difference of the KSC glock 18c compared to the KWA glock 18c? 2. Is HFC134a or green gas Hazardous to the human body , How can I upgrade this gun to green gas ? Will there be a difference in fps? 3. Is HFC22 , Propane ? 4. Will firing full auto affect my guns GBB action ? ( Such as wearing down the slide or something ). 5. Are there any known problems with the HI Cap mag? 6. Are these good guns for a gas gun newbie ? 7. Are upgrade parts readily available? 8. What gas is this gun able to use out of the box ? 9. Will I need to lube up my mags? 10. Are there any big problems with this gun? ( Such as gas guzzleing ? ect. ) 11. Wheres a good place to buy green gas or HFC134a? 12. Will green gas damage my gun ? The main reason I am attracted to this gun is its full auto ability , Will firing full auto continuously damage or wear down my gun ? FYI: Id like to avoid propane because once I burrowed my friends propane pistol and breathed some of it in while reloading and I felt horrible 20minutes later. So if the KWA/KSC fires strictly propane what are my other options ? Such as upgrading or down grading to a different gas or another gun ?
  8. When I got my PDI V/C set I had my stock trigger for atleast 2 weeks and it worked fine.
  9. I have owned both guns , And I personally enjoyed the VSR10 more , The VSR 10 felt alot more solid and looked better assembled the bolt pull was cake compared to my jg bar 10. ( Im talking about both guns stock )
  10. Let me put it this way if I were to shake my rifle the trigger would wobble around.
  11. Hey everyone I just cleaned my barrel and hop up , put everything back together only to have the guns trigger lose its stiffness like theres no spring keeping it straight , only to :censored2: the bolt to the full extent to have the trigger tighten and go back to normal , then I would shoot again and it lost stiffness. Any advice ? Upgrades in signature. Spring guide stopper is taped in ( theres tape pushing the spring guide stopper up )
  12. Thanks everyone , With a good amount of tape I have lessened the problem , Im still disappointed the bolt return is scratchy and rough , but Ill learn do deal with it and ill try what Chris mentioned.
  13. It wasn't rough with the 200 or the stock trigger , its getting progressively worse I doubt the problem has to do with the strength of the spring , im not a stick.
  14. Hello everyone today I purchased a 250 pdi spring , PSS10 Zero trigger , Maruzen .29s ( work realy well ). Recently I had a problem with my stock trigger where like 90 shots would push the cylinder locking switch out, anyway I bought a ZT hopeing it would fix the problem but now it pops out slightly after each shot . This is giving me a head ache , any advice please ? Edit : Locking switch is pushed all the way in. Even with trigger guard installed it pops out a little what could be causing this ? On last 4 inches of pushing bolt in , it starts to feel a little gritty and rough After about 4 shots it gets to rough to push in but im able to pull the trigger and it shoots ( don't have crono to tell if I loose fps ) I tried cleaning out the cylinder and putting it back to together and its rougher on the first shot now :/ I have switched back to the 200 spring now , and it seems to have lessened the problem of the return resistance of the bolt action BUT its still difficult much more than when I was using the stock trigger , Im reluctant to believe it is due to the lack of strength im unable to push the 250 spring down with both hands when there was little to no problem at the begging of the installment , any suggestions ?
  15. Thanks InsaneDM Im currently involved in the sniper role ( you can see the sig ) Recently at my field I noticed someone with a very sexy AUG ( nothing comapred to optomis , thats a HOT RIFLE) , anyway it made me want to buy one I thought a DMR would be cheap Id buy a new barrel, bucking ,spring, bushings, battery and keep it as a back up for when ever my sniper wasnt working. And have my self a grand old time , thanks to this guide I now understand its a much more serious role than a I thought and something I simply don't have the money I know I see it will cost me more than I planned. This also helped me see what I like best about airsoft snipping and realized that buying this AUG would be wasted money that now I plan to focus it on my rifle. Thanks InsaneDM P.S Optomis as you probably know you have a sexy aug , I wanted to say it again so ha :P
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