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  1. main reason you don't see them? airsoft isn't about quality any more, it's about "how cheap can you produce it, and still be able to market it to 12 year olds"
  2. I run prometheus barrels in all my builds now, best value for the money imo.
  3. The well mb03 is the same as all the other chinese clones...some will be good, most won't. I just hate people who can't type in google "well mb03 review" and find the thousands and thousands of pages of information on it themselves.
  4. no, go research for yourself then ask questions.
  5. I'd recommend sticking with the TM vsr, along with a prometheus barrel and nineball bucking. You can skip the TM hop by just getting a real TM in the first place. Other than that, looks good.
  6. it's the same as the 45, trying to do it to a plastic piston will just break it, buy a new one.
  7. What kind of piston do you have, and do you have a lathe?
  8. No, of course not. Why would anyone want to spend 1000 bucks on a vsr rather than 900 on a bar? Quality control? Better materials? Supporting an innovative company that will continue to make new guns for us to play with? nah, none of that is of any concern, better go with the bar10.
  9. now your "cheap" clone costs $300 more than a TM would have if you're replacing those parts, good job saving money by going with a chinese reproduction.
  10. about the same, not the same. All those parts that you don't upgrade, like the receiver, outer barrel, and stock also play a large part in maintaining accuracy.
  11. please don't listen to the "clones are better" people. Anyone who's ever owned a name brand will tell you to get the name brand. TM's are just plain better.
  12. if it's loose it will place bb's in the bucking inconsistently, reducing accuracy.
  13. 2. You don't need as many upgrades as a spring rifle, that's a pro not a con 3a. Tanaka's can perform very well without a regulator 3b. What? you have no idea what you're talking about here 5. They're just as easy to fix, and they break less THANK YOU for saying that you're not an expert though, most people just post false information as if it's a proven fact.
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