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  1. Hello, my name is Jørund. I am from Norway and have been playing airsoft for about two years. I have little tactiacal experience(field experience) since the rules in Norway states that you need a guardian if you are under 18 years. This has limited my games greatly. But since I recently had my 18th birthday my knowledge in the field will hopefully increase greatly. On the other hand, I have great knowledge in fixing/customizing airsoft guns. Since when I could not play, I have spendt too many hours learning my guns insideout, and how things work. And how upgrades and such are applied correctly. I hope that I can share my knowledge aswell as learn something new on this forum. So I hope you will grant me this. -Aue
  2. Both becouse its quite useful to know, and becouse I want to lube it, yes :)
  3. You couldnt possibly have some guide to dissansambling my gun? Since you have had the same gun yourself.....?
  4. Sure! I think......no wait... no I didint :( Sorry mate, but that got a bit too complicated for me who hasnt been inside my own gun before, and who is quite afraid to do it too xD
  5. This part.... What is : Piston side and compression spring? :)
  6. Ah that cleared it all up xD Thx for the encouragement :P
  7. Hmm like the idea with the spring but not really sure what you meant, since im quite new to airsoft, I don't knwo the names of the parts in a gun....
  8. I have a KWC 1911A1 wich I bought for about a month. I read on some threads that you can increase your FPS by quite much if you lube it with silicon spray... I don't know if this works on a Springer, or if its necesary/worth it, but if it is I would like to know how to do this. A link to a guide is accepted ^^ Thanks Aue
  9. Ya got any good comments? :P Nah just kiddin, you got any good ideas then? I spoke to my friends and they don't dare more thank 240fps(cowards-.-) Any good idea of a gun I should buy?
  10. I penetrates skin?? The most ive been hurt by am airsoft is a red mark for a couple of days, and it stops hurting after 5 min :P
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