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  1. I had a mini AK47 when I was in 4th grade.
  2. I ahve a 55% chance of getting a Classic Army SAR M41 for Christmas and I want it to last a really long time. I need help on the basic care for an airsoft gun of that quality. I anyone can give me some good caring instructions so I can show my mom it is not just a 260 dollar hunk of metal.
  3. I own the KWC one it works great. My first one broke because my friend gave me an 8mm bb instead of an 6mm bb. I owned it for well over a year and it still worked great. I have gotten head shots on many an occasion at a great distance. You won't be sorry.
  4. Well cqb isn't a problem we play in a field with some very undense woods so it is open. I would like to play in cqb but my friends are scared of getting hurt because it is to close up. Sorry to double post I just thought about adding this and it was to late to edit.
  5. Every man for himself. They get 20mins to build up fortifications then let it rip. WW2 would be fun as I live in stupid Texas that never snows well in Houston. You are one lucky person.
  6. I own that gun(The first one mentioned). It is okay if your not shoot at a super long distance and the high caps suck balls. I has a good rate of fire and I like it. That battery is hell to get in sometimes and the instructions are useless. And the launcher just shoots single bbs like 8 feet. The gun its self is good for the price. I have had mine for a good 4 months know and it still works good. Lets just say I can own my fiends on my own with it. They just have springer. I use my Berreta 92fs as my side arm.
  7. I really need a good gun. Most of my friends have just springers but I have one friend who is crazy good. But all I really have is an okay LPEG thats last for about 4 months know (is that a record) and I just repaired my FirePower XM8 but need a new battery. So I need a good gun. But here is my real concern when I was looking at the things it comes with I saw that it had no battery or charger that came with it. That might be a dumb question though. And would an 8.4volt work okay with it or should I buy a 9.6volt? Define sucks please that could mean like 1000 things. Is it really crappy or does it just need a lot of adjusting?
  8. Well I want to get this gun for Christmas and it sounds good and all but everything sounds good. So anyone who owns or has seen this gun in action please tell me the pros, cons, and anything I sould get with it that doesn't come with it directly when you buy it. Here is a web link from airsoftgi http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...roducts_id=2324 Thank You
  9. when have the French been stable. Well if I have to say I would take an AK over a FAMAS any day.
  10. Okay if you don't want to do I could care less it was just something I added for grins and giggles. Make it the French Forgien Legeon I don't think they surrender as often.
  11. Yes, guys just forget about the French its not a big deal its just a joke it is really getting annoying I know they helped during the Revolutionary War I'm sorry know I even mentioned them. Please forget my earlier post.
  12. Becuase of the bikini the just megaloath them all. Got that word from Scrubs. But enough about the French go to AK47s in voting and polls there is a very fine discusion about them and the Russins there. Lets talk more about the senario here please.
  13. I hate the French because that how my family brought me up. We really don't hate them that much 1.its fun to make fun of them 2.Hate there snobish attitude. In a French accent "That is immposible"
  14. It is. Most people play paintball at my school. But those who play airsoft follow me and my other friend not the crazy phyco one we are talking about. They come to us a lot. One kid we play with is scared of an lpeg sad can't wait to shoot him with my JG G36c I'm getting.
  15. He just brags about it at school. And how it will go through my skin at 20 feet away. He hasn't been taking his medicne lately. His other little thing is that his Crosmen shotgun shoots 450fps we just play along and pwn him when we play.
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