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  1. How about $160 shipped for the M4 I can paypal ASAP....zip code is 99301
  2. Wrong. (The following statements are for standard style airsoft gearboxes, ie version 2/3/6/7 etc.) The amperage/voltage of the battery will not change anything but your rate of fire and reaction time between trigger pull and gearbox turning over. The spring and compression are the only factors in fps. Compression includes: cylinder, cylinder head, piston head, nozzle, hop-up chamber, bucking, inner barrel. Notice how none of these items ever come in contact with electricity. The only other factor is piston travel (if a short stroke mod has been performed) and that requires you to change the number of teeth on the sector gear and the piston, and as such, is still irrelevant. The battery powers a motor which turns a gear set. That gear set pulls the piston back. It will pull the piston back 16 (iirc) before it lets the piston go. the spring[/] then pushes the piston forward now that the electrically driven gears are no longer acting upon the piston. Now, to get your gun to maximum "Rate of Fire", you will usually require an upgraded battery and other mods to support it of course. But, your "Velocity" has absolutely nothing to do with your battery. A weak battery will just turn the gears slowly and your rate of fire will be lower... but the fps of each shot will be the same. A stronger battery will have a higher rate of fire, but the fps of each shot will be the same as the weaker battery. Battery powers the gear set. Spring powers the bb. Don't even bother with trying to argue with me on this one. It's how it really works. -Monkman
  3. If you are deciding to part the oetech backpack/hydration pouch... I'd be willing to buy it. It attaches via molle... correct?
  4. I have yet to use an Edgi. I have one on order though. ported. I have used madbulls, PDI, DBC, and some others. I have never had a jam. I have used the combination of KSC Perfects in a DBC 6.01 for roughly 50,000 total bb's (at least) between my 3 assault rifle platforms. I have also put at least (and this is pretty conservative) 100,000 Airsoft Elite .25's through the same barrels and guns. It really is about using clean, quality ammo. I am actually very excited to get my EdGi barrel and test it out. I will probably break it in on one of my aegs for about 1000 to 2000 rounds, and then put it in my sniper rifle. Jams are for cheapo ammo and people that fill their guns with sand/mud/twigs/rocks/dismembered animals/etc.
  5. Right. because YOU can see the difference between a bb that will jam in a 6.00 or a 6.05 If you have to inspect the bbs carefully (via microscope, because you apparently can see a 1/100th of a mm) then holy heck. this sport is doomed. The bbs that are produced are 5.95 to 5.98 on average with a + or = in the .01 variance. You wont have jams unless you use crap ammo, or fill your barrel with oil and sand. And on the tb raising fps. it is purely and simply an efficiency loss system. lower the loss, raise the efficiency. result = more power is applied to bb, less is lost around the bb. The gun continues to produce the same amount of energy as before. You are just using more of it on the bb.
  6. Quit propagating unjustified fears. It is common sense. use high quality bbs when dealing with tighter tolerances within a barrel. a 6.00 won't jam any more than a 6.01. You would have to use really crappy bbs to jam a gun, or be careless and get dirt literally in your rifle. If you want a 6.00, get a 6.00. don't fear jams. keep it clean and use NOTHING but high qualty bbs. that is all.
  7. What all are you willing to take for the M24?
  8. Hmmmm, Let me know if the pending deal on the M24 falls through.
  9. I know you said that you are looking for M4 based stuff for the KJW, but would you entertain the thoughts of a G36 based gun in trade for your M700? Btw.... that paintjob on the KJW looks pretty sweet!
  10. What are you talking about? have you actually SEEN this happen? you do realize that shooting bbs through a brass barrel wil actuall polish it smooth... even after it begins to "tarnish". Stainless steel will still oxidize. Especially on the inside where bb's are polishing it. Quit propagating falsehoods, and learn how to clean a barrel and you wont have to worry about either. Jamming? WHo the heck said anything about jamming? That only happens if you use CRAPPY bb's.... or fill your magazines with a mixture of oil, sand, and bb's...
  11. my 400 fps setup... STOCK KWA M4 with a Dees Tightbore.
  12. I have grenaded a set of KWA gears already. As for them pulling an m160 (550 fps) I highly doubt you would get any sort of decent rate of fire. Plus, standard cylinders don't fit perfectly in the KWA gearbox, Guarder bore-up cylinders don't fit perfectly. The stock tappet plate fits bore up nozzles though... odd. Since these gears are std ratio... I truly don't trust them to pull a spring that support 550 without laboring the motor and adversely affecting Rate of fire.
  13. Wait a second.. you bought a CQB model.. and you are going to get a barrel extension? Why didn't you just buy the standard m4 to begin with? Other than that, take your barrel out and measure the length. Go on airsoftgi, and buy a dbcustom 6.01 that matches. click add to cart, then check out, and send money, and wait. after waiting, install new barrel. Be happy. But why add a barrel extension to a CQB gun? seriously!
  14. I have had nothing but FANTASTIC results from dees 6.01 tbb's. you do have a 3-5000 round break in though. I have heard really good things about the warrior vtype hop up bucking and nub. I have 2 on the way to test out for myself. And if anyone gets on here spouting "too tight" or "I put one in and lost velocity and accuracy" You don't know what you are talking about. you have to break a barrel in. yes, the plastic bbs will wear in the soft brass. And PDI wouldnt sell 6.01's if they didnt work.
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