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  1. My kwa g36 had its gearbox break and ive been desperately trying to find a replacement for it. I know I can get it from kwa but for 90 bucks its too expensive for me. I wondering if anyone has had any luck either just fitting or modifying any other style gearbox for it or is the anywhere I can find a used gearbox shell for cheap. really anything will help at this point. thanks
  2. does anyone know how much and where I would have to mod it to get it to fit? cause my biggest issue is knowing where to slim it down
  3. No I didnt, KWA supposed to have a reinforced gearbox right out of the box so I thought it should be able to handle it
  4. because online they only had the complete gearbox and I only need the gearbox it self, also I have a really powerful spring in there and need a stronger gearbox
  5. I recently discovered that the stock reinforced gear box that came with my KWA g36c was cracked. So what I tried to do is take a gear box from my jg ak47, and tried using that as a temporary gear box. it turns out that it is a little bigger than the stock kwa gear box. I tried shaving down some places that looked like it might have bee snagged and I got no difference in my result. Another issue is that I just purchased a new ver 3 gearbox made by CA, and it wont get here for another couple of days. Im wondering if im going to run into the same situation with the CA gear box or do I have to get the whole new gear box from kwa which is a lot more than I want to spend. Any comments will help!! Thanks
  6. I had to disassemble the gear box because of a broken tappet plate and after I got it back together I tested it out and I noticed that after you let go of the trigger on full auto it continues to fire. so I took it apart a again and noticed that the switch that completes the circuit keeps on getting stuck in. what should I do?
  7. I just found out that my loading nozzle is cracked and needs to be replaced. I was looking online (on airsoftgi and airsoft extreme, the only places that I have bought from) and they only have the gaurder enhanced loading nozzle for the tm 1911, [url="http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?cPath=256_262&products_id=2202"] and it looks the same except for the hole placement for the bar that goes inside the nozzle,I don't know what its called or its purpose. on mine it is located on the side but the gaurders is located on the top it looks like. will this work for my gun or do I have to find it at another place? thnks
  8. I bought this gun about 2-3 months ago and has having no problems until about a week ago when my friend dropped in sand. When I got home, I cleaned the gun out as much as I can and lubed it back up again. The problem is when I fire the weapon, some times it fires fine, but then some times I pull the rigger back and the gas goes out and pushed the slide back, but no bb comes out. Then other times, usually after the previous problem, the gun shoots and the slide closes but the gas just keeps on coming out until pull the slide back. Do any of u know what the problem could be and how much it would cost to replace the parts or get it repaired? Thanks
  9. Thanks, another question though. Does it increase the fps too because mine already shoots 440
  10. I want to add a tight bore barrel to my jg AK 47, and I was wondering whether I can just add the barrel, or do I have to buy things like bushings and things like that to go with it?
  11. I have bought a JG AK 47 ris (which is coming in on Monday), and I was wondering if I can buy a side mount that would fit above the trigger area and hang over the top of the gun. And if so, is where can I buy it?
  12. the two side rails on mine are 2 1/4 inches and the bottom rail is almost 4 inches
  13. I have bought a JG AK 47 ris (which is coming in on Monday), and I was wondering if I can buy a side mount that would fit above the trigger area and hang over the top of the gun. And if so, is where can I buy it?
  14. I could not find a jg front mount grip form jg, im wondering if a grip from echo or a and k will work on the gun, and if can do one better, find a grip from jg thnks
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