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  1. I wasn't suggesting that murderous thugs are obtaining machine guns in mass. I was suggesting that it is in no way hard to make a semi automatic weapon into an automatic one, and someone who wanted to to so, would be able to with ease. Some weapons require a sear, some require milling, some require nothing else than a spot weld to hold the firing pin forward. You seem to be aware that machine guns are not used in the commission of many crimes, so why do you think there should be less on the street? What do you think the 2nd amendment is in place for?
  2. Legal machine guns are harder to get than have been in the past. key word is legal. Machine gun receivers don't make weapons fully automatic. A sear that can be made for $3 in a machine shop however does. Once again a law abiding citizen who wants a fully automatic machinegun will jump through the hoops to get what he wants legally. A murderous thug will do what he wants as always. Regardless of what law is in place. .com/ghettomyspace/[/url] NWS!! should shed some light on what criminals actually use to perpetrate crimes anyways. not what you might think...
  3. I swear some of the idiots out there think this is how it's going down. You sheep need to wake up. Gun control didn't stop the North hollywood shootout Gun control didn't stop the absurd murder rate of Chicago, DC and LA County Gun control didn't stop Timothy Mcveigh from blowing a building into pieces Gun Control WILL limit LAW ABIDING CITIZENS and do nothing else! Don't be such weak minded sheep and fall in line with the pathetic morons like Joe Biden, who think it's a good idea to indiscriminantly fire shotguns out of your window into your neighborhood. And of course breach loaded shotguns are easier to shoot and control than a 5.56mm AR 15? WTF? And that guy is in charge of the Gun Control Task Force? These Friggen idiots can't pass a budget in 4 years but can propose a gun control ban in 30 days? The government doesn't do anything efficiently or effectively. DON'T rely on them! Don't allow them to redistribute hard earned dollars and piss away money on their political BS! Don't offer up your rights as an American for a FALSE sense of security.
  4. I ran the factory gearset on the SP100 and cracked off the Sector gear cam twice. The 300% is the first stage that Systema offers and has a brass Sector gear cam. Basically I wanted to completely over build this PSG-1 so I wouldn't encounter the reliability issues that plague this otherwise awesome platform.
  5. Predictions any body?? Seems like Renegade Cow will rape anybody on any kind of custom build/creativity category....
  6. Tokyo Marui HK PSG-1 + G&G Metal Body + 1 off performance part smoothness!! I was fed up with this platform BUT my good friend "Gungineer" CNC'd me a steel ARL for this gun so I felt obligated to make the most reliable TM PSG-1 EVER! So the project was built around this one part! Since the gun was only $50 USD I didnt feel so bad dropping $160 on a systema gear/piston set along with a host of other goodies from Tokyo Marui, Guarder and Systema. (even a brand new cut off lever straight from TM factory!) The TM PSG-1 was ahead of it's time with mechanical active braking, precocking semi-auto, and a recoil blowback set up. I went a step further and ditched the mechanical active braking for a mosfet driven one. At first I ditch the braking function all together but it turns out the semi-auto doesnt function without it. I wanted power but not unreliable 600 fps power. I used a Gungineer Teflon O-ring and a Guarder SP100 spring to bump the power to 385~fps +/-10 fps. +SPECS+ TM PSG-1 -Guarder SP100 Spring -Guarder Aluminum Piston head -Guarder Tappet Plate -Gungineer Steel ARL -Gungineer Teflon O-ring -Systema 300% Gears -Systema Aluminum Piston -Systema 6mm metal bushing -Systema Spring guide -Systema Hop up Bucking/Marui nub/TM factory barrel -Golgo 13 rewire/Mosfet/Deans -G&G Metal body -TM PSG-1 Bipod What you end up with is a retardedly accurate, reliable, smooth clean looking AEG with NO HOSES and NO WIRES! holla at me Accuracy video FPS video http://s7.photobucket.com/user/meancivicsi...a0916e.mp4.html Blow back video(uploading, please standby)
  7. That is BS renegade! But at the same time it is awesome that your design was so awesome that they considered producing it as their own. Let us know how it turns out with company #2
  8. Apparently I am not a cool guy because I don't have a baddass M4 platform powered by P*. However, I am going to enter my metal bodied PSG-1. And If I feel stupid I may enter my reworked G13 M16 and a loadout. So far the entries look great. We just need a P* category now.
  9. Anybody remember this?? When it comes to owning lots of guns, don't do it unless you purely enjoy collecting them. When it comes to actual playing, I only use 1 or 2 of my "goto" skirmish guns. The rest I just like to plink around with, build for a specific curiousity, or showcase. Don't worry about the rich kid at the field who has everything. Master a specific platform and increase your gun's ability with your own familiarity and expertise of a gun you are genuinely intimate with. That will provide the biggest payoff.
  10. Wow! this topic gives me a headache. At any rate TM is still developing new products and going strong in teh land of the rising sun. There just isn't a demand for their products in other parts of the world. Particularly the USA where FPS and full metal makes newbs jism jasm in their pants. They could never appreciate a TM gun or a 400cc motorcycle. That's why we don't have them in the USA.
  11. Doesn't look like a legit Magpul. The real ones have brass buckles painted black no?
  12. Sorry for being late on this, I have been really busy lately! They should be within sig/avatar pixel regulations. So winners, just copy and paste the code. It has unlimited bandwidth. If I made any mistakes or need to make pixel adjustments etc etc... Just shoot me a message and I will fix it. It's kinda late here in Japan and I may be a little out of it right now. Good job on all of the entires!! Judges great job on the judging and for the timely responses. Star and Shwell, you guys rock
  13. did somebody say Build off?! what? ** G13 swoops down from his lurking vulture perch** I like where this is going gentlemen. Hopefully these rules tweeks will get more people to enter a gun. It's bragging rights what does anyone have to lose?? enter the guns let's see what you guys are making out there! Yes, I do that ^ BUT it is still pretty much bragging rights. Full metal PSG-1 build?/// aaand GO
  14. This^ I find that Marui gearboxes can be improved from factory when opened. They actually could use a decent tune up from the factory. Marui gearboxes allow a great margin of error due to their low power, pot metal gears, plastic bushings etc etc... They work very well and reliably at stock power levels. It's when you push them past .98J that you will see problems with Marui or any gear box for that matter.
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