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  1. My dad is retired Air Force so he doesn't mind. Neither does my mom.
  2. I only bought the rail for the bottom handguard because I love vertical grips.
  3. +3 on the G&G sportline. I LOVE mine. Great ROF 18 RPS on 9.6v. Mine shoots 20 RPS with deans connecters with 9.6v battery. Also you can get the G&G Combat Machine Gun on ASGI for $140. Cheaper than the "enhanced" JG M4A1.
  4. http://www.airsoftpost.com/matrix-hitech-s...er-p-27133.html I have one of these and it's awesome. It has a discharger built in also. It shows cells 2-10 and 300mAh and 600mAh charging speeds. This thing is awesome for quick charging batteries!
  5. 11K .12g Point Act BBs .12g Crosman BBs 2K AE .2g BBs 4K AE .2g BBs Random BBs that came with my guns. I'm going to buy some .25g BBs soon.
  6. Everything is good except their customer service. Worst customer service I've ever seen.
  7. The KS P90 is the same as the Echo 1 P90 except that in the KS you only get one magazine, not two. I say if he wants a P90, go for it. The Galaxy MP5K/PDW is a great starter gun also.
  8. I'd advise you go with the G&G Sportline. They have the same internals as their prolines unlike CA Sportlines. They are downgraded.
  9. Evike has them. http://www.airsoftpost.com/gearbox-series-c-24_68_355.html
  10. My G&G hit 18 RPS straight out of the box with an Intellect 9.6v battery. With deans connecters it hit 20 RPS.
  11. It's suppose to be for the lower part only. I have it and it works fine for the lower handguard.
  12. I would invest in an MP7. They are awesome. Especially if you rewire them to a 7.4v Lipo or an 8.4v NiMH. The RPS will be 16-18 BB's per second.
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