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    Customized KJW M700 Gas Rifle (Real walnut stock, fitted 650mm tightbore, custom V hopup.) WE 1911 GBB CA Mp5 SD5
  1. Here is a rare Youth Engineering MP5 gas blowback, the prototype model for the Escort MP5. It has never been used except for a few tests. The only problem I remember it having is that it double feeds, but this is probably fixable considering none of the parts are broken. It looks like the barrel's position might need to be adjusted. I haven't tested it in years and I'm unable to do so now so it's hard for me to say. If I recall correctly, the adjustment knobs at the base of the barrel is for its unique hopup system. It can be connected to a regulated air tank via the 1/4 inch quick disconnect at the base of the grip. The internal parts are brass, the magazine is plastic, and the external parts are metal except the foregrip and lower receiver. I am asking $120 or best offer. Buyer pays for shipping.
  2. Not yet, sorry. I actually don't even have a camera at this time.
  3. This sale is for my prized pre-ban Tanaka M40A1 sniper rifle. This has been my project gun for a long time, but I'm moving on from airsoft so someone else can enjoy it. -Has an original pre-ban tanaka bolt to adjust velocity! -Custom painted stock to look like real USMC m40s. -Also comes with m24 type stock (also painted, came from a KJW M700, modified to fit.) -One 10 round magazine modified to use my paintball HPA tank, also being sold. -One 30 round magazine, not modified. Uses propane or green gas. -One 3000 PSI HPA tank with a low pressure regulator. Works fine, but it's a good idea to have teflon tape on the HPA tank because the threads for the regulator are slightly damaged. UPGRADES: -VSR hopup kit! -Extended nozzle. -KA bucking (required some rough modification to fit properly. Blame the hopup kit.) -Laylax 6.03mm tightbore barrels -G&G rubber seal in bolt. I've been able to consistently get body, and sometimes head shots in games at almost 80-90 meters / 250-300 feet. It is a gas sniper rifle, but using the HPA tank improves consistency of the velocity greatly. I'm selling Gun, scope, both stocks, original barrel / parts, 3000 PSI HPA tank, low pressure regulator and remote hose all for a total of $650 If you want to talk about buying any of the above by itself, send me a PM and we'll talk. ALSO SELLING: -Gun bag (pictured below): $20. It is just slightly too short for the m40 but it gets the job done. -Custom ghillie jacket (also pictured below): $20. Large BDU jacket that I covered with a net and burlap and twine. It blends in VERY well with leaves, as you can see in the picture. Payments will be done with PAYPAL only. PM me if interested. Also, I'm not accepting trades. I will pay for shipping. That is the only photo I have at the moment but I will try to get some more later when I can. The backpack isn't for sale.
  4. I might try that with the loctite. I haven't heard of doing that before but I wondered. What's going to stop it from just sealing the screw in there permanently?
  5. It doesn't fit the m40a1 because the stock for the kjw is thicker towards that end. I actually have that part and it doesn't work.
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