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  1. Hi guys! It's been a very long time since I've been active in the airsoft scene. What's new and exciting, how have things changed? If you were to tell someone who hasn't touched an airsoft gun in 6 years about your favorite new product, what would it be?
  2. I was always interested in guns and shooting sports and ended up with my first Airsoft gun while at a local gun show with my friend and his dad. We were probably about 12-13. It was an HFC Glock 33 clone springer, and I still have it to this day buried in a drawer somewhere, and yes it still works. Cheap springers were made a bit better back then. I believe I came across ASF and other forums while looking for reviews on another pistol years later. I never did get real deep into playing Airsoft, but mostly spent my time building custom pistols for myself and others. Yes, an OG "chairsofter" here. Airsoft games were few and far between back then, mostly just consisted of friends playing in the woods somewhere. Back then, you couldn't just go to the nearest AS field (because there weren't any) and Paintball parks didn't allow it. Playing in backyards was a great way to get the cops called on you, so most of us just didn't do it. I practiced a lot of IDPA and IPSC drills with Airsoft guns and spent far too much money building Airsoft guns that most of the time cost more than it's real steel counterpart (I had more than a few pistols with $1500+ price tags, only to turn around and sell them for half in order to fund a new project) - but it was a fun hobby and at the time I was too young to buy my own RS guns (parents were not gun people) so Airsoft was a way that I could still shoot. When I turned 18 I started buying my own real steel guns and faded out of the Airsoft world pretty fast. I finished up a couple customer builds that I had going and moved full force into my "new" hobby, which was basically the exact same thing just with real guns. I stuck around the forums for a while because I had a lot of friends in the AS community and I enjoyed the social side of being a forum member. Slowly but surely most of those people have moved on or otherwise disappeared, so I check in less and less often. I can still be found lurking on Calguns and other various RS forums pretty much every day.
  3. I've always liked the idea of YCD and would be happy to help get it going again, but as was the issue before, I don't really know how to bring members over there. That is something that could be discussed later on. I'd be more than happy to help out with it. I don't have as much free time as I used to, so realistically, I couldn't commit to more than one or two at a time.
  4. Hey all. I'd like to apologize for the ridiculously long wait for Elite member status. For some of you, it was months and for that, I sincerely apologize. I've gotten everyone up to date with the very much appreciated help of Airborne101. He is the one who really made this happen, so be sure to give him a big thanks next time you run into him :) For those of you who were denied access, you can always reapply when you meet the criteria for acceptance into this member group. The requirements for Elite member status are pinned in this forum. If you were denied for not meeting the post count requirement, please understand that this requirement serves many purposes and is not to be bypassed by simply rank posting X number of times until you reach 100. We screen your previous posts before making a decision on your application and if we find nothing but rank posting, you will not only receive an immediate denial on your application, but you will likely incur one or multiple warnings which can completely disqualify you from future Elite member status. To sum it up: just don't do it. Thank you all for being patient and I will do my best to keep things updated in here as new requests come in.
  5. Closest thing I can think of would be a Constrictor. Or you could get one of those m500 muts with the compensator and whatnot already on it, though it obviously won't match very well. Nothing is going to match 100% but I think the constrictor would give you the best chance.
  6. A little more info on where you are stuck would help us help you.. I mean we can post an exploded diagram, but that can be just as confusing if you aren't familiar with how the parts actually work. Here's the exploded diagram, good luck.
  7. We tried to get this going a long time ago and it barely stuck. Not very many people participated and the ones who did eventually moved on. I still do IDPA/IPSC but only real steel now. I think that's where most people (Who used to participate here) still interested went. I think the main problem was that without being able to gather for shoots, it was just too disorganized. The online aspect of it really seemed to limit the follow through of potential interest. On the opposite end of that, I can't say I ever really met too many local people who were interested in an Airsoft version of this.
  8. Interesting first post. Almost as if you came here just to post the video for advertisement purposes. Oh wait! I'll leave it up considering it could generate some decent conversation. On that note, I really don't see a point. There are plenty of other Sig kits out there, this one doesn't bring anything new to the table, other than it's price tag. As someone who's dropped $2k+ on several stupid pistols that I ended up selling for half that, I still don't see this as worth it. As mentioned above, this would basically result in a collector's piece, without much to hook the collectors. Kinda foolish, but not surprising from Inokatsu. I won't even mention the fact that you can pick up a RS 226 for almost the same price. Oops Pictures: http://www.inokatsu.com/ShowMainProduct.asp?MovieId=41
  9. OP has requested to have this closed in favor of a new thread.
  10. According to post #3, this has been sold.
  11. The standard grip screw size for a 1911 is .150"x50. The bushing size (Where applicable in the Airsoft world) is .236"x60. No idea if the WE 1911 uses a standard or not, considering I haven't even touched one in at least 3 years, but I would assume it does. Cheaper to use standards than it is to change design where completely unnecessary. You can get a set of grip screws for anywhere from $3-$15 depending where you buy them, style, finish and brand. Plenty of options online.
  12. It's been a long time since I've built an Airsoft gun.. this one was for a client. Probably my last one, so I figured I'd show it off a bit. I sure do miss all my 1911s. TM Kimber
  13. Could be a list of things, 99% of them are simple fitment issues. Luckily, there's almost nothing to inner-to-lower fitment.. just look around and see where the points of contact are and file accordingly. It really shouldn't be much. I generally clean up the entire inner frame before even putting it in the frame. They tend to have crappy burrs and whatnot all over them, pretty common thing. If you've already cleaned it up and can't figure out why it wont go in, a good trick is to put some tape all around common contact points and stuff it in as far as it will go (not too hard, use common sense) and then pull it back out. you will see major contact points on the tape which will give you a good idea where you need to look for issues. I hate to say this but you aren't putting the hammer strut inside the frame right?
  14. The only payment I see on your account is this one: mike_mcnair michaelmcnair01<AT>sorry that email not allowed Elite Member Yearly 9.95 13-February 10 8-February 11 PAID. You paid for the wrong subscription. If you notice, you are in the Elite member group.
  15. Sounds like a problem on your end. To my knowledge, nothing on a forum can cause random logouts.. it sounds like your browser acting up.
  16. Yes this is because of your Authorized Seller status. I'll bump you up to Elite again shortly.
  17. Changed that for you. Please note that your login information will remain the same, only your forum display name has been changed.
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