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  1. sweet guide man, I may make one for a cheapo camo shotgun I have..if I do I'll post up pics.. Thanks for the help -TMAL
  2. He custom cut that himself. You know, when I bought my SPAS, there were no stocks in stock at redwolf, and I bought my SPAS is July '07
  3. Here's a guide for all your disassembly needs: http://www.airguns.co.kr/mag/anal/handgun/...k18c-anal_1.htm -TMAL
  4. Here's a takedown guide: http://www.airguns.co.kr/mag/anal/handgun/ma-de50-anal_1.htm
  5. Clean the barrels. If the problem consists, try not cocking the gun as hard..the harder you :censored2: the gun, the more mis-feeds.
  6. I would pick one up for my SPAS..no more than $30 (without shipping) like SupaTIM said. Maybe inquire into making a durable, aluminum hop-up chamber (the only thing that's wearing down on my SPAS). Sounds great.
  7. Hey I have the SPAS, and I've shot the UTG on multiple occasions. I like 'em both, but the SPAS definitely SHOOTS better, primarily due to the 3-Hop-up system, which the UTG lacks. Personally, I also think the SPAS has an incredible intimidation factor..IMO -TMAL
  8. woohoo 200 posts!!!...yeah I sanded down my SPAS moar.... pics up later
  9. Hey I'm not applying to be a beta tester but er.. it's "Professional" with two "s" EDIT: it's just in the title, in the text it is spelled correctly. Sorry, I'm just taking two AP English classes so this stuff pops out instantly.
  10. Go with a TM or Marushin IMO, or even the ACM M500 on evike
  11. http://redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/...ail?prodID=9402 http://redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/...ail?prodID=9403
  12. Not much difference. Btw, I would go with a TM M3..I just really like the quality my $0.02
  13. Actually, I do believe someone on the forums proved they can use shells.
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