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  1. Since he asked for Zombie themed kits, here go: Loosely based on a Resident Evil Umbrella Security Commando from the second movie, as well as the character of HUNK from the games.
  2. Baseline: Repro ERDL uniform Jungle Boots green T-shirt Tiger Stripe Boonie Leather light work gloves Commando Undies Gear: M1956 pistol belt and suspenders 3x M1967 M16 mag pouches 1x M1956 M16 mag pouch 2x M1967 canteen pouches w/canteens 1x M1961 butt pack 1911 black shoulder holster ChiCom style three mag Chest rig Accessories: Air Force Survival knife 2x M26 Lemon Grenades 1x Smoke Grenade Military issue Carabiner Weapons: CA M16A1 KWA 1911A1 Its a Tactical Taylor pouch I had velcro sewn on to. I was in the same boat, until I decided to just buy one with out and have the velcro added. Actually Airborne School isn't doesn't give you any more of a chance to go to the 101st than any other school. the 101st isn't Airborne any more, they don't do jumps, so being airborne qualified wouldn't mean jack for them.
  3. Not this guy. 99% of my brigade still use IBAs. I hate 'em with a passion, but until we deploy again (whenever the hell that will be), we're stuck with 'em.
  4. This is awesome. I want to grow a stache over leave just to try out a Gen Shepherd Loadout! It would be so leet. Any way, it would be interesting to see this for a themed scenario game, with whoever in this kit playing the role of General Shepherd. If you are thinking of this, I'd shy away from using actual unit patches, as a lot of people (such as myself) get mightily pissed off at that. Rank too, although you might get away with it with this. If somebody actually did this for a game, I'd buy a skull mask, let them shoot me in the head and set me on fire. If you got the stones to play a game in ACUs, black beret, revolver, stache and cigar, you're special. And not in the Special Forces kinda way.
  5. You mean the 101st Air Mobile Division? Sorry, I do Airborne/Paratrooper kits, not glorified legs!
  6. Thanks. I try. I'm at a loss as to what my next kit will be though. Toying with the idea of a WWII/Korea Paratrooper, or an Grenada/Panama 82nd Airborne kit, but really don't know yet. Thanks for your pictures Spartan. I meant to get those from you yesterday.
  7. Good list. Only thing I'd say is that some units allow individually purchased pouches, etc, while others don't. It wont' look terrible if you have something that isn't issue.
  8. MultiCam pouches look fine on a CB rig. Even if you have some CB pouches mixed in, it looks fine.
  9. My latest kit, Mid/Late War LRP. I like the web gear set up, decent, practical, and a ton of pouches, but I gotta say, I much prefer Tiger Stripes over ERDLs. On Patrol Halt! Signs of the enemy Establishing a hasty ambush Wait, what was that... Contact! Break contact!
  10. Well, here's black: My advise: don't go black. Best gear color to go with MultiCam, is MultiCam.
  11. Don't feel bad. I've been using it for longer, and I just now figured out how to do some of this stuff. I'm still learning stuff every time I go into the "Edit" section. Here are my latest attempts at an aged photo: And a bit of a comparison shot, just showing what I was going for with this kit: As well as a re-do on the aging of my other Vietnam kits:
  12. Finally, what was going to be my first Namsoft impression, 6 months after it was planned, I give you my Pre/Early Vietnam War uniform. I used OG-107 utilities (which suck as a field uniform by the way), full color everything. Kit is M1956 everything but the butt pack (which is a '61), and the canteens, which are M1910 metal canteens. Again, the holster isn't technically accurate for a grunt rifleman to have, but it was necessary for the CQB portions of the field. The first group of photos are my 82nd Airborne during the Berlin Wall/Cuban Missle Crisises (ie, WWIII in the early '60s.) On patrol in the Bush: Take a knee, Drink Water Trooper! Parade, Rest! These are my 82nd Airborne during Operation Power Pack, aka, the invasion of the Dominican Republic in 1965. Only change is the swap from M14 to M16. In both airsoft and real steel, I much prefer the M14. It actually works. Not a terrible kit, I like the looks of full color patches/rank/tapes on the OD uniform, but the utilities simply suck for a combat uniform. I much prefer the later Jungle Uniform, and I doubt this will see the light of day too often. Thoughts, comments, suggestions?
  13. Yeah, that was me. He pulled the camera out while I was eating, so I had to give him something to film. I'll agree it does look a bit too aged. Hard to find a good middle ground there. As for doing it for your photos, I wish I could take credit for it, but all it is, is one of Photobucket's effects. All you need is an account there and you can do it yourself.
  14. Not bad, your photo looks like a late war pocket camera took it. These were my attempts at a making these photos look "vintage": And a short walk-by video, testing to see how close I could get footage to look like old news-reel film:
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