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  1. Good stuff. I will be there for both days. See you there.
  2. http://www.aaatacticalairsoft.com/
  3. the carry limit is 1000 bb's. When there is a break or you run out you can go get more.
  4. Kapowwe no complaints Evike. I have ordered from them about 5-6 times and have never had a problem. Others have had some issues though.
  5. I purchased a ICS M4 from them with no problems. Shipping was quick also. I ordered from them since they could guarantee that the ICS gun I got was a new generation. I would not have a problem ordering from them again
  6. I have ordered from evike 4 times now and everything has gone very smooth.
  7. Towards the end of the video. http://vid.codenamethunder.com/vid/t3teaser.mpg or here http://www.codenamethunder.com/t3episodes.html
  8. I know people have had bad experiences with them but I have made 3 big orders with them and have not had a problem...yet. I am sure I will eventually but they do have a lot of stuff in stock at good prices.
  9. I agree 100%. When I started playing paintball in 97' it was great. The large majority of players had honor and played a good game. I stopped playing last years because now its "cooler" if you can wipe hit rather than call yourself out.
  10. I played a few times without a sling and didnt like it. Its nice to be able to let your gun hang every once in a while. I tried the 3 point sling a few times and didnt like it. I switched to a 1 point sling and have no complaints about it.
  11. I have one and like it. Its non blowback but works well. Accuracy is fine for when you should be using a pistol. I have quite a lot of rounds though it have had no problems. IMO for the price its a good buy. Shoots hard and as said before the magazine is separate from the CO2 which is nice. I picked some extra mags up on ebay for $11.
  12. The Mag magazines are 100 rounders correct?
  13. interested in parting out the mag magazines?
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