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  1. Found a pile of bb's under the carpet, apparently someone swept them in underneath. Also found one In my teachers desk. She said it was from her purse, but her son doesn't play, and I only buy one brand. We should have bb's in every room, but I also found some in my clock, in the wall, and once I turned on my fan and a bb rolled off and hit me in the head.
  2. Well everyone knows that thor would beat the joker, but Admin would be like You is bannished to the 3rd realm of the 8th deminsion, and then hit thor with his hammer and a black hole would suck him up, and that's thors great defeat. Then the ban hampster would own admin with his mega ban cannon. Not really, becuase in broad terms this all would never happen.
  3. hmmm... some of these should be posted on a bill board.
  4. Or walk into a bank with an empty gun case, and ask the teller if she has seen this man, and it's a picture of you.
  5. Yeah, and it'd be like me, when I said Guitar hero is for people that can't play a real one, and CoD 4 is for people that wanted a better halo. I'm sorry I play Rainbow one, but I can't stand CoD 4 cause I can run around with a sniper shooting randomly, and I'm bound to hit something. On topic, "well at least we haven't seen the worst." ~TMNT
  6. Well, if you do relize that lots and lots of coffee is required, after all would you want to wake up to a gun to your head, not to metion almost ten buckets of bb's per team. Plus two day's of breakfast and lunch and dinner. Not to mention two packs of water per team, four tents, how ever many slepping bags. A generator, battey charger, three batteries. Oh and also extra guns, two sets. So yeah thats a pretty basic list. On another note, I've played a non-stop match for twenty four hours, and then a rest, then another one. This was all the things we needed, except we carried only one battery. So I also had my springers as second, and back-up.
  7. I have no idea, but my uncle is a police officer and he says real guns can be carried, but they must be with normal luggage, with no ammo, and a special case that say's something about this is a wepon and should always be concealed untill it has reached destination. Now don't take this for word, but that's what I've been told.
  8. Hmmm... well Me and a friend were walking to a match and when we showed up they had started, so we ot our gear on and was waiting in the dugout. Well some ****head runs into the dugout and sprays us. So next round, me and my friend find him in the stands, we shot him once and he said hit... so as soon as he got off the stands, we chased him back to the dugout spraying him, and then he got us kicked out of the game.
  9. Yeah... Try a Summersault!... Well slippy's not such a screw up after all.
  10. Hmmm.... Spud should make a bumper sricker and send one to each of us.... or a shirt.... or some patatoes. Then we'll be like WT... oh
  11. Hmmm.... I'd keep it, but if you like airsoft GI return it
  12. Do a barrel roll! Isn't it odd how finger puppets sounds ok as a noun?~Demitri Martin
  13. Quoteless, as quoted by me.
  14. Black, and I see alot of digital, for some reason.
  15. As mentioned above fear is the main thing... but the smartest thing to do in a situation like this would to just stay home. The worst possible thing is the millitary was trying to keep the entire thing undercover... this is when every living/non-living thing dies. It would just be smarter to stock up on gas, supplies, etc. Wepons arn't a nessary, they take up room in your car... a pistol with ammo would all you'd need. Then you jump in your car and get outta town. self- prservation comes first, then family. Friends :a-rolleyes:are out of the question. Then try to get to safety... prefferably a millatary base. If they'll let you in.
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