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one shot = one kill

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  1. Dodge inspired me to dig my ghillie out of the closet. I haven't taken it out of my closet for over a year and I may wear it to my next game. I really half @$$ed it when I was putting on the natural veg ( literally spent less than 2 min. putting it on). Anyway, it should still give you an idea what it looks like in the field. I made/designed this ghillie to be a lightweight so I could wear it in a DM/counter sniper/recon role. I didn't want to sit and camp the whole game so I made it light enough that I can still move around easily and not be encumbered by it. Pics, Can you see me? (I hope so, I wasn't trying) In all pics the camera was in my crosshairs... Any comments welcome, - One shot = One Kill
  2. please put a bigger scope on your gun. Other than that, looks great. But I agree with sniperelite. To get it to be more accurate you will have to do quite a bit more... This is my G3 in its current state.... (look at the scope)...
  3. My wiley X-SG1's don't fog when I use anti-fog. But, If I don't use anti-fog they fog inevitably.
  4. I assume you you have to take the outer barrel off first by taking out that small hex screw. Then I bet the barrel nut attachment thing will twist/pull off. Good Luck, One Shot = One Kill
  5. Love the color of the softshell. Wish my loadout was that B<AT>d@$$.
  6. Great gun. It has been my primary for 3 years and I have put alot into it. There is a great long review written by KS sniper in the review section. Here it is: http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/Ca-G3-Sg...&hl=Classic
  7. Great job dodge! I'm having a hard time imagining you as a sniper though... You inspired me to dig my homemade ghillie out of the closet that I haven't worn in 1.5 years and snipe this weekend with it. One Shot = One Kill
  8. I think you should go with the TM. The TM has a much better hop-up adjustment than the JG, and the TM will retain its value much more than a JG if you ever want to sell it.
  9. A soft bucking will be damaged/destroyed very quickly in a 500+ set-up. As for the barrel, I recommend 6.01 for CQB and a 6.03 or 6.04 for field/long distance use.
  10. I think your motor is dead. A dead motor will sometimes still spin when not in the gun, but it doesn't draw enough power to spin the gear and turn over in the gun. This will result in a little click or "kick" as you described it.
  11. Save up and get a High quality AEG. I recommend a G&G combat machine as a good beginner gun. http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...roducts_id=4587 And a word of the wise, DO NOT ORDER FROM AIRSPLAT
  12. ^^^ Clearly an advanced life form as myself is capable of something as simple as mind reading. Glad I'm not the only one who thinks boots are important.
  13. I'm here in socal, and my local fields have a lot of hills, rocks, ravines, and have very rough terrain. I have to say my Boots are the single most important part of my loadout. I've tried to play in tennis shoes, and it was hell. I kept getting stickers in my shoe, stuck in my sock and what not. I even rolled my ankle a few times. Now, I never take my boots for granted. I cannot be nearly as effective as a player if I did not have them. Another important part of a loadout, is hydration. Whether it be a canteen pouch or a cammel pack.
  14. ^^^^ What if its made out of jute?
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