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  1. hey u guys I need help buying a new aeg that cheap and is under 30 bucks any suggestions
  2. wait I kow this wont help u much but u could have got a decent aeg for 40 bucks so don't spend it on pistols spend ur money on a decent aeg but I think mabye there could be something in the barrel did u check that ??
  3. if u really wannn inflict some pain grab a airsoft flamethrower or a gattling gun he he he make im feel the sting lol but I am kidding and I really don't no much about painball but couldnet u pick them off before they come in range of acutally hitting u wuth paintball guns
  4. ok u guys I got a farily good m4 m16 thing ill look at it later but I got a fulll load out like a face mask gun 7000 bbs and the gun for 40$ the gun cost me only 10$ it is a springer though but it s got 200fps and decent rangealso a scope light and laser but I got it at hobbytron.com and u can get shipping that takes two or less days to get were u want it
  5. dude you can get clear clips at walmart and I got plenty of clear m16 clips from them and
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