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  1. bumpity bump SLR w/gp30 trading to endospore jp carbine kit pending to killah j waffle mag sold Fire Pig and VN mags sold 2 Classic Army Hicaps with clamp sold Everything else still up for grabs. Open to all trades send them my way. All prices still negotiable!!!!
  2. Daily bump. All prices still negotiable!!!! SLR w/gp30 pending to endospore jp carbine kit pending to killah j
  3. BUMP All prices negotiable, all trades will be entertained!!!! 2 CA mags with clamp sold to blitz2ooo
  4. All PM's returned/answered Sale page updated. Thanks
  5. Hi everybody I have a bunch of new and lightly used stuff for sale. ALL PRICES NEGOTIABLE!!! PM ME FOR TRADES AND ANY QUESTIONS!!! I WILL ENTERTAIN ALL REASONABLE TRADES!!! PAYMENT THROUGH PAYPAL!!! YOU SHIP FIRST OR SAME DAY ON TRADES!!! First I'll start with the guns 1. Classic army SAR Offizier Brand new! put 1 hicap through it to make sure there were no issues. The gun will come with 2 Hicap mags. and 3 rail covers, in the original box. $250 Shipped 2.CA SLR105 With STAR GP30 mounted, Like new put maybe 1000 rounds through it. Had to custom fit the launcher to fit on the AK. It's never been fielded and it's really more of a show piece for me. Will include 1 Hicap mag and the fake grenade cover for the launcher, In the original box cut to fit with the GP30 mounted. I WILL NOT PART THE LAUNCHER FROM THE AK!!! $380 Plus Shipping 3. CA M15a4 socom. Brand new! 1 Hicap through it. Will come in the original box with 2 hicap mags.$250 Shipped 4.TM Desert Eagle Black. Put about 3 mags through it, great shooting gun but too big for me. It is in perfect condition with no orange on the pistol and trades intact. $125 Shipped 5. JP carbine kit short 7". Bought this to do a patriot style conversion. But turned out to be too long for what I wanted. Like new and never mounted. Comes with 4 different barrel lengths. $100 Shipped This pic will only load sideways, sorry 6. Parts: Noveske Madbull Firepig flashhider. Lightly used in a few CQB games $35 Shipped SPF to DRKDRGN Flip up front and rear sights $10 shipped Classic Army Hicap mags 2 with mag clamp $25 Shipped Classic Army hicap mags 1 silver 1 gray $10 each shipped Prometheus Barrel 469mm G3sg1 new never opened $40 shipped 7. Mags: 3 China Ak mags: 1 Echo1 Waffle $8 sold to Kamizla each shipped unless buying all at once. 2 G36 Hicaps 1 Tokyo Marui 1 Classic army [$18 each shipped 1 SL8/SL9 mag unknown brand $10 shipped 4 M14 mags $8 each shipped 5 Pack King Arms m16 VN mags 85 rounds each brand new. $25 shipped SPF to DRKDRGN 1 Echo1 and 1 ICS hicap mag both shipped for $12 2 UTG Shells free to a good home 1 JG folding fore grip $5 shipped
  6. Aug Is pending to mgentile7<DON'T POST EMAIL ADDRESSES>PLEASE DO NOT USE YAHOO IN YOUR POST SLR and MP5 still for sale or trade!!!!
  7. Not looking to part the GP30 as I had to dremel it to fit the CA slr. Always looking for trades but cash is king. Let me know guys shoot me a pm.
  8. mgentile I have someone interested, if does not pick it up I will contact you.
  9. Alrighty I have 3 guns up for sale or Trade The CA slr105 a1 (AK74) Has a star GP30 mounted on it. It took a little bit of custom work. (which was a pain) I think it looks awesome. I have kept it as a show piece, but now it's time to make some room for new guns. The Rifle is completely stock other than the GP30. It has had about 2 high caps through it and is in great shape. The AK74 was $285 At Airsoft Atlanta and the GP30 was $220 At Airsoft GI Looking for $400 For the Ak Here are the pics Up next is An ICS MP5A4 Very light use It has been a great CQB weapon, It is also stock used it in only 1 skirmish, I prefer my TM MP5 PDW. It will include the High cap mag that came with it. The MP5 was $250 from Airsoft GI Looking to get $150 for the MP5 Lastly is the TM Aug It has been an interesting weapon. I got it in a trade from this forum. I has a feeding problem and I will only recommend this to only people with AUG experience. The Lower that came with the AUG when I got it was damaged so I got a like new lower and slapped it on there. The phantom kit is attached With the wrong type of screw so it does stay on the upper but it's not attached correctly. The phantom is in great shape other than the ugly paint. It does have foam in it, some people want that. The original sale post is at this link http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/Aug-Phan...bs-t105884.html When sold the Aug will include the TM Mag and the Custom Battery. The pistol grip is broken so I threw it out. Gear box pic if anyone is interested. Please be aware that this gun will take some work to fix. Buy at your own risk. (LOL) Looking for about $100 for the Aug and the extra bag of parts. As for trades let me know what you have, Looking for interesting and exciting things. Also looking for and AK102 VFC preferred. Please contact me with with any questions Thanks for looking.
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