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  1. Just a new loadout I threw together to take some pics with. I actually really liked it and will probably use it next time I play.
  2. I had no idea that low caps were so cheap...well that changes things! More reason to change to all low caps! Do you know which brand is best for AK74? Not finding much of a selection in box sets. Ya, I didn't understand the GBB Community's posting because they didn't give it a chance, but oh well.
  3. Good question Soap. I had family commitments that day but I am interested in your series. It would be tough for a younger guy like me with limited income to get low caps, as I run mid caps at the moment, and with the gas for the car factored in, it's getting to be an expensive day. I do like the concept, and wish I could be on a milsim team (I'm in the Temecula area). A few of my friends actually showed up, but left. They said the field was screwed up and not enough people came. They said they went down to Jericho for the rest of the day. Maybe their feedback would be more helpful.
  4. Why was that Op so small? I was invited on the event page but didn't go. I thought it would have been much bigger. Not to de-rail the thread.
  5. Thanks for the advice guys! Excited to get out there and start playing. Will definitly steer clear of GoAirHeads, just the fact that they don't follow basic safety precautions is a red flag to me and I don't want to financially support an institution that could be potentially dangerous to the airsoft community. Will check out the websites and store you listed!
  6. So, as long as things go as planned, I will be moving to Colorado from California to attend college in Greeley or Boulder. I just have a few questions about the CO airsofting community: 1. How active is the airsoft community? 2. How popular is Mil-sim? 3. What are the fields like? Links? CQB or large fields? Thanks in advance! While I know I am leaving the jackpot of airsofting behind in Southern California, I am excited to play in the beautiful landscape of Colorado. - Navy-Kid
  7. Bought an Echo 1 ASR used - really like how the paint job turned out. Need a longer scope though.
  8. Thanks! I appreciate the comments. Ya, the tigerstripe can be hard to pull off, and of course blends in terribly on the field! Thanks for noticing the trigger control - I am a stickler for safety with firearms. Whether they be replicas or not.
  9. I like your most recent setup! Watching your kit progression has been very interesting. Good work!
  10. I have been airsofting for a while now (4 years), and I continue to expand my gear collection. One thing I have always been curious about is, what does everyone fill all of those extra pouches, backpacks, etc. with? I would love to get one of those assault backpacks with the hydration bladder inside, but I'm not entirely sure what to put in them. And whenever I see people with them, they are full! Also, what kind of gear can I add to my loadout to make it more realistic? I'm talking about the small things, like first aid kits, scissors, chem lights, zip ties, etc. Kitlist: Condor PC Double M4 Mag Pouch (x2) Hydration Carrier Drop pouch Misc. Pouch "Tactical" belt Knee pads Bates Sage Green Boots I wasn't sure what section to post this in, mods please feel free to move if neccesary.
  11. Here's the thread for all of my various loadouts. I wear what is functional and most useful for the environment or role I am playing in. Will get more pictures up! MARPAT Loadout I ran today, I am on the right. Not sure what to call this, it was a PMC loadout until it started to rain and I wanted to wear my woodland jacket! Very old ABU Loadout - Sort of Security Forces, but not really. Using a Dboys M4 CQB-R Taking more pictures right now!
  12. What did you get for Christmas that is airsoft related? Non-airsoft related? Show it off! :D
  13. Yeah, that's on my list of needs. Snowman: I agree, I'll see what I can dig up.
  14. Alright, so I found myself wanting to take pictures of all my loadouts, but decided to avoid the ban hammer and just combine them all into this thread. I realize I have a thread from a few days ago, but this s now officially my only thread I'll be using for the mod's convenience. For starters, my ABU loadout, sorta reminds me of USAF Security Forces: Kitlist: - Condor PC - x2 Double M4 Pouches - Condor Dump Pouch - Condor Misc. pouch - Condor Hydration Carrier - Condor Kneepads - Black UTG Tactical Belt - Black Duty Belt - Issued ABU - Black Beret - Tan undershirt - Not pictured: Sage Green Bellevilles
  15. Oh thanks for clearing that up. Google helped me with the FOBbits part. Can anyone identify the POGUE patches? There is an ordnance one on his collar, but that is all.
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