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  1. where would one go about acquiring a gas bolt? thanks for the other answers too, and yes I meant stateside; shipping from them is 87 bucks
  2. Has anyone seen THIS for sale, IN STOCK, anywhere? Or anything like it? FOR THAT PRICE? Do want 0.0
  3. evikerock03 expires 4/15 16% off anything GOGO
  4. xtremekombat is up in durham, they got a great looking field with a downtown city lookin area. google them
  5. Thanks for all the info guys I actually am in the middle of buying a Yamaha Zuma and slapping on a 70cc big bore kit, leo vince zx pipe, polini variators, etc more worth my money in my opinion :O I need a scooter so I can get myself an after-school job. maybe then I'll buy one of these ;]
  6. Yeah I dunno anything about batteries as far as airsoft goes, so I guess there's no 9.6 lipo xD ok well I'm gonna see when I get some money and buy this to see what it's like
  7. Anyone heard of this? Anyone OWN or used it? worth the money? easy to do? worth it to get a 9.6v 2300mah lipoly and charger for the extra who-knows-how-much-money?
  8. Taken from description: "Dear Pre-order customers: Due to the world-expo in China, manufacture production and delivery time has been pushed back. We apologize for the delay and please rest assured that Evike.com is working diligently to get the new Limited Edition Matrix BAR to your hands as soon as possible. All the pre-order buyers will receive additional 3 mid-cap magazine on top of the guarantee to own a Matrix BAR. As all the Chinese manufactures closing down, this may just be your last chance to own a BAR AEG! We understand the frustration of waiting and we sincerely apologize on behalf of the manufacture and Evike.com for this delay. Last but not least, all refund requests will be processed immediately if you wish to cancel your pre-order. Simply drop us an email at sales<AT>evike.com with your order number."
  9. This certainly looks like it belongs in the Buy/Sell/Trade section, sir.
  10. For just a little bit more money- http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...roducts_id=1484 http://www.airsoftpost.com/product_info.ph...oducts_id=28366 Arguably two of the best 'low price' AEGs you can get, with almost limitless upgrade potential and LOTS of people on this site who know how to help you with it.
  11. well I had a one-time use 16% but my friend said he wanted it lol feel free to delete..?
  12. 10% off any amount - nocatax 50% off shipping for anything- 50offshipandhandling free shipping over $100 - freeship NVM 16% thing is used..
  13. Ok I got it earlier this afternoon. Came in a plastic hard case and everything. Very nice gun, I will write a review another time
  14. Hm I used a UTG 3-shot shotgun to kill a black widow which was sitting on the siding... tore up the wall quite a bit :V
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