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    I've just gotten into actual airsoft gaming, and I'm quite enjoying it. I do still enjoy 'chairsofting' and the part of airsoft away from the field. I sell A LOT of stuff, check out my sales.

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  1. Talkabouts, sling, bipod and propane adapter sold
  2. I'd like to buy a complete 1911 Lower. I've got a socomgear slide that I want to be able to slap on and go. I'd also take a mag potentiall, or a 1911 mag bb follower. thanks
  3. really no reason to get ripped off when you get all contact info, and use paypal.
  4. I'm toying with the idea of buying a GBB just for screwing around with. I'm not wanting anything top dollar, 100 is approaching my max. I have minimal model preference. I don't want extra mags/holsters/etc. I just want a working GBB with a working mag.
  5. I've been through quite a few JG SIGs while boneyarding and most of the issues are as follows: Externals suck: Bodies crack easily, stocks break off/latches and locks break off, grips are weak, etc. A lot cracks and replacing it is not easy. Internals rare: they use a medium motor and the v6? gearbox is not the easiest to work with due to the gears for the selector and stuff. PITA to take apart: I never quite understood how to get them apart, I usually just bent the body to extract the gearbox. I've had good and bad runs with the sigs. For me, you can't just get one and fix it. You HAVE to have 2-3 in order to get one working gun. I think I've had 5 and half of those and came out with 3 working guns that were shaky at best. They're just a royal pain to work on and don't end up firing all that well (may just be a JG issue) the problems they run into aren't airsoft problems, they're cracked plastic problems.
  6. bump just discover that the 1911 slide has a chip in the back which I assume limits the slide's ability to stay on the rails.
  7. No trades, I don't airsoft any more Shipping is NOT included. I ship most small things in USPS flat rate envelopes which are 5 bucks. Anything else I'll have to quote for you. It is up to you to ask for additional shipping services. Paypal only. Please do not send money as "for gift". Although I appreciate the gesture of you trying to save me the fees, it makes shipping more difficult and I don't think that you should give up your buyer protection by not sending money as "for goods". PM for fastest response, try not to clutter this thread If you do not give me an intent to purchase promptly, I will sell to the first person able to paypal. I won't screw you out of something right before you pay, but I prefer not to dilly dally. ============================================== ============================================== Vibram Size 12 Combat Boots (Tan) -20- Used but not abused. Tru-Spec S/R Desert Digital BDU Pants -15- No issues, clean and sturdy (and look how well they would blend in if you rode a cheetah into combat) Belt/Holster Tan -10- ACM but does a good job. Has a thumb snap latch for quick draw. I used a zip tie to replace a weak point and it is now much stronger. Socomgear 1911 Slide UNKNOWN CONDITION -15- Received it as it is now and I have no way of testing it. Motorola Talkabouts w/ charger -15- have both camo and orange faceplates included. One is missing the battery cover, a minor issue you'll have to adjust to or just contact Motorola for a replacement AIM 3-9x40 Scope on high rings -15- looks and functions as if it is brand new King Arms USP recoil spring and guide -3- Never understood how it was to fit in my USP, take a good look at it before you buy Broken M1911 mag -7- seems to be missing the bb follower at the top of the spring. It does hold gas though, so I assume the only issue is the feeder. G&P one point -7- awesome sling UTG Bipod -8- extendable feet Rear aimpoint covers -2ea- SRC 2 piece m4 barrel -10- heavy but solid, unused by me, looks new Battleaxe m14 dual box mag -10- looks to be in fine shape. I can't test it, but the box says that it is missing the charger which seems to be the only issue. (the connector is not tamiya, it's a weird small one) Madbull Propane adapter -13- side port for silicon oil. Used very little. Thanks for looking Edit: 6/29: removed sold items Edit: 6/30: removed sold items
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