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  1. EzeKieLL

    2roy Hopup

    sounds great, any chance on reveiwing how well the shots are?
  2. EzeKieLL

    2roy Hopup

    hrm...I guess I'll just use the troy nozzle. thanks. pix asap please? waiting for one more paycheck and then im ordering!!! xD mmm....so were exactly did you buy all these parts...I was thinking of getting: chamber - unco ka nozzle - redwolf PDI 6.01 - redwolf fire fly hard bucking - poweredge usa.
  3. hahaha, yeh I folllowed your how to guide, it improved my Tanaka SOOO much better. but I did something different with the mag well...I taped the mag well with a bunch of electrical tape. and sealed everything up. =]
  4. heres a big help to improve the accuracy. and all you need is electrical tape. these are not my pix. take apart the gun. pull off the barrel, unscrew the gold thing thats pressing against the black ring wrap electrical tape where the tip of the gold ring meets the barrel. you'll see what I mean. TA DA!!!!
  5. by shooting low, do you mean the bb just drops? or it doesnt seem to be shooting as hard? one of the problems might be the striker spring. after a few shoots the spring has a tendency to cause the screw thats keeping the spring compressed to come loose. to access this spring you have to take out the bolt, take out the 2 screws thats in the middle of the bolt, and you'll see the spring. if you look at the top of the spring there is a flat head type screw. turn the screw to the right *righty tighty, lefty loosey*. make sure its tight. if that doesn't work. just have patience and make sure you put everything in correctly. double check everything. as a Tanaka m24 owner you should know that it takes patience. good luck.
  6. EzeKieLL

    2roy Hopup

    so I take it that when you installed the VSR10 555mm barrel there was no problem? like mofomilitia had? also the KA Air Seal Rubber is just the VSR10 Hop up right? can you put some pix of your install too? im reading some of these instructions and I have an idea of what to do. but pictures would be really help full. paycheck is coming in and I would love to order it the weekend I get my check =D. only thing stopping me is well...pictures? hahahaha. im planning on ordering the following KA Chamber FireFly Hard bucking 6.01 PDI and Possible the KA v2 nozzle *doesnt the chamber kit come with an extended nozzle*?
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