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  1. KWA KP8C NS2 with upgraded hammer spring:
  2. KWA KP8C NS2 with upgraded hammer spring mayhaps?
  3. SOA Link: http://www.sportsonlyauction.com/detail.asp?id=270602 I should note that nothing is wrong with either of these guns; I actually like them alot. I just really want a TM Mk23. 1) STTI/KJW M93R with upgraded recoil spring; comes with two mags and a holster (additional mags can be bought via redwolfairsoft for $30/each shipped). $100 I am willing to sell it in a combo with my KWA KP8C NS2 (upgraded hammer spring, one mag, slightly scratched slide) for $170 shipped. I won't sell the KP8 otherwise. Trades are appreciated, but unless it's a TM Mk23, I probably won't accept (Sorry). M93R Pics: Sorry, camera won't focus on this next one: KP8C pics: And more, possibly gratuitous pics: http://s307.photobucket.com/albums/nn282/b...GBB%20Sale%201/ I won't ship until I receive payment, or goods if we trade. Shipping to only continental US. Thanks for looking!
  4. This gun is not in my current arsenal, but I am the one who built it, and owned it for several years before selling it in August. (mentioning that because I'm not sure if that disqualifies me). 1) ASF userID: Jinmu 2) Pullman, WA, USA 3) CA36 4) Four most unique features of the gun: F1)Custom cut/crowned bull-barrel with inner barrel to match. F2)Whitened trades (sorry, camera didn't want to focus on them) F3)Internally housed tracer unit, built into the magwell (the tracer unit is powered by the AEG battery) F4)AFG to complete the sci-fi look to the gun
  5. Thread clean maybe please? Nice SL8 BTW.
  6. <AT> KingKrispy: Hm...well, you need to remove that screw in the front end of the GB. I heard that occasionally, the blue hop-ups (Prowin and 5KU) need dremeling, but nothing as bad as you're describing.
  7. Here are the better pics I promised: I cut down the bull barrel by about 4 inches, and cut the inner barrel accordingly: I also whitened the trades, but my camera doesn't want to focus on that spot:
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