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  1. The problem with "bang kills" is that they really are a misnomer. My understanding based on the region where I play (Midwest USA) is that saying "bang bang" doesn't guarantee a kill, but is really the equivalent of asking the person to "surrender." Saying "bang" or "bang, bang" is an exclamation rather than "surrender" which is a command. So when you "bang kill" someone you're giving them the opportunity to call themselves out or to try and turn and return fire. In that sense, a "bang kill" isn't even necessarily kill unless the other player decides to cooperate. That's why I prefer to say or ask "surrender!" since there's no assumption of "hey, I yelled 'bang' at you, you're supposed to be dead." I see this issue all the time where someone yells "bang" from 20 feet away at a moving target and expects that person to be eliminated. That's not how a true "bang kill" works.
  2. Bump! APC - SOLD T3 - SOLD BFG Ten-speed - SOLD KAC RIS - SOLD MAP - SOLD Combat Shirt - SOLD KWA ATP Package (Pistol, magazines, G-Code Holster, Emdom belt) - SOLD Double-stack pistol pouches SOLD CB MBITR Pouch SOLD
  3. Bump! APC - SOLD T3 - SOLD BFG Ten-speed - SOLD KAC RIS - SOLD MAP - SOLD Combat Shirt - SOLD KWA ATP Package (Pistol, magazines, G-Code Holster, Emdom belt) - SOLD
  4. APC - SOLD T3 - SOLD BFG Ten-speed - SOLD KAC RIS - SOLD MAP - SPF Combat Shirt - SOLD KWA ATP Package (Pistol, magazines, G-Code Holster, Emdom belt) - SOLD
  5. APC - SOLD T3 - SOLD BFG Ten-speed - SOLD KAC RIS - SOLD MAP - SPF Combat Shirt - SOLD
  6. Rules: - I accept pay-pal only. - I will only ship within the United States. - Insurance is recommended, but is at the buyers expense. - I am not liable for lost or damaged items due to USPS/UPS/Fedex, etc. - No refunds, item is sold as is. The item will leave my hands in the conditions described in this thread. I have tried to describe the item as accurately as possible below, but will elaborate if need be. - I am located in Traverse City, MI and am willing to meet up in the general area. - Please send questions via PM, questions posted in this thread may not be answered in a timely fashion. - I am a member of Arnie's Airsoft, Michigan Airsoft (MiA), Airsoft Ohio, Airsoft Forum and Airsoft Retreat. Feel free to look at my buyer/seller ratings on those sites, if you care to. - NO TRADES AT THIS TIME. MESSAGES REQUESTING TRADES WILL NOT BE REPLIED TO. Mayflower Research & Consulting Assault Plate Carrier (APC) - S/M, with Medium cummerbund - Coyote Brown - Faux front and back plates - Extremely light weight - 500D cordura - Integrated Admin Pouch - Integrated Kangaroo Pouch - Quick Attach Surface Mount (QASM) Buckles for the Swift Clip Kit (No shown, but will be included). Allows users to mate Mayflower and other chest-rigs to the APC - Gently used - Pictured pouches not included, but would be willing to include the [a href=http://www.optactical.com/t3kapotrm4.html]T3 Kangaroo Pouch Triple[/a] for an extra $15. The T3 Triple is also available separately as listed below. - Retails for $220, SOLD Propper Combat Shirt - Olive Drab (OD) - Size MEDIUM - Well cared for. No rips or tears. - Features zip front, arm pockets with velcro - Keeps you cool when it's hot outside! - SOLD. KWA ATP - Includes 3 magazines, no leaks. - Includes manual, extra backstrap, hop-up adjustment tool. - Missing the rear sight. - SOLD G-Code XST Holster - Coyote Brown - Designed for a Glock 17, fits airsoft Glocks, ATP, Timberwolf, etc. - Two levels of retention, retention canopy retracts by hitting the release with a thumb. - Comes with A Duty Mount for a 1.5"-2" belt. Drops the holster down slightly to bring the top of the pistol in line with the wearers waist. Makes it a lot easier to draw. - SOLD Emdomm CM-Belt - Coyote Brown. - Size Small. - Has PALS/MOLLE webbing on the inside to mount pouches (see second photo). - A great belt for those looking to run light. - SOLD Pantac Double-stack Pistol Magazine Pouches - Coyote Brown - Holds double-stack magazines like those from Glock, Beretta, Highcapa, etc - SOLD Esstac KYWI M4/Pistol Magazine Pouch - Holds a single M4 magazine and two pistol magazines or speed loaders. - Attaches via two MALICE clips, included - $20 shipped. T3 Kangaroo Pouch Triple - Inserts into a kangaroo pouch and provides retention for three M4 magazines. - Coyote Brown - SOLD Blue Force Gear (BFG) Ten-Speed - Holds 3 M4 magazines - Extremely light weight - SOLD Pantac MAP - Coyote Brown. - Includes Flag Patch. - Can be mounted to MOLLE or used as a standalone backpack. - Can carry water, HPA or other accessories. - SPF Flyye & Pantac MBITR Pouches - Flyye is Coyote Brown (left), SOLD - Pantac is Khaki (right), $13 shipped. HSGI Double 40mm Pouch - Multicam - Great for holding airsoft grenades - $15 shipped. Eagle Industries Fragmentation Grenade Pouch - Khaki - $10 shipped with another pouch. Zulu Gear Waterbottle Holder - Coyote Brown - Can hold a water bottle or a 48ci HPA tank. - Great for low-profile HPA carrying for the Polarstar/Daytona Gun platforms - $15 shipped.
  7. Hear ye, hear ye! This fine orb shooter is still unengaged! Only the mere sum of 125 greenbacks and she is yours!
  8. Down to $125 shipped. It won't get any lower than this folks!
  9. Awesome! I was there for this and it was epic. Way to earn that patch!
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