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  1. No I do not. I will look into it after the Chinese New Year.
  2. I would just like to let everyone know that I might be light on certain items until the end of the month. It is currently the Chinese New Year and I was unfortunately not told this until the last minute. My understanding is that most of the works will not be back to work until the 17th of February. Therefore I am unable to get in any orders until then. In the mean time, I am working on fixing my inventory and adding an easier way to look up what I have, including some boneyard deals. I appreciate everyone's patience and as soon as I get more stock in, I will update my threads appropriately.
  3. Yes, I need to fix the name, but the EM300/600 are m300/600. I do not guess on the lumens because since these are clones, I can't go by the numbers that are listed online. The price does already include shipping.
  4. I would like to thank Extraordinaire for featuring some of the items I carry in a comparison review. I am currently out of PEQ 15s,but I still have PEQ 16s. SF replica light are still in stock.
  5. I hope everyone had a good Holiday. I have returned from being out of town, as some of you were informed. I believe I have answered everyone. If I missed you, please do not post here, instead send me a PM and I will answer you either ASAP, or in the morning. I apologize for anyone who had to wait, but even I need a vacation :D. To everyone else, have a safe New Years.
  6. Sexy Rifle. No OPMODS as of yet. Still working on it. I did get some XPS with standard trades. Off Topic. MAID Grips back in stock.
  7. Already asked for more. Will see if I get anything soon (week maybe).
  8. No FDE 553. For FDE all I have are the zombie stoppers and a tan 552.
  9. In Stock: Vltor Front Flip-Up BUIS $20 VFC Style KAC Suppressor with Flash hider $35 Gemtech HALO Clone. $35
  10. Back in stock: Acog 4x Acog Red dot XPS Tan Zombie Stopper (side buttons) Micro T1s Comp M4 Comp M2 Limited Quantities at the moment.
  11. I am still looking into your scope. Sometimes it takes a bit for my guy to poke around and analyze what he finds. It is true that I could just post up the lumens. To some these numbers have no meaning. To me, I feel the numbers are a little misleading. An example of this is the apparent lumen output of the 952 is 250 lumens while the scout is only 120 lumens. Knee jerk reaction would be, hey the 952 is brighter. However from the images we can see that though the scout is only 120 lumens, the smaller head seems to produce a more concentrated beam. The 952 produces a wider beam. Though the scout seems brighter, what the 952 brings to the table is the strobe function. I feel people deal much better with visual representations rather than numbers without true comparison. Though, if I can get 'accurate' lumen measurements down the road, I will post them.
  12. One of the most frequently asked questions is how one light compares to another. I have decided to take images to compare the different lights. This way you have more information before you buy. The link is below, and the password is tti when prompted. Enjoy! Brightness Comparison
  13. Excellent. Thank you. I am working hard on getting more rails in. I do have some G&P Daniel Defense Lite 7". These are not clones, these are real G&P I acquired from a trusted source.I On another note: I hope all of those who were affected by Sandy are safe. I did not have power for a day and I currently do not have internet. Cell service is also spotty. If it takes a little longer than normal to respond to messages, I apologize. The best way to reach me would be via email. Since it's data, I can go to a local wifi hotspot or use a public terminal. Calling me and texting is not advisable as I might not get voicemails or texts for hours. As always, thank you for your support.
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