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  1. Hm. It's stated directly on the label that it's a lithium polymer. Unless "Rechargable LiP Battery" was a misprint. I did a little research on the model number, and it's unclear whether it's a lithium ion or lithium polymer. I get what you're saying about discharge rates though. Makes sense.
  2. Hey guys, it's been a long while since I've posted, but it's been a hectic last few months. So I ripped my secondary battery out of my laptop to put my DVD drive back in to watch some red vs blue DVD's that my friend let me borrow, and I couldn't ignore the ratings on the battery. I took a look out of interest and realized that it was a 11.1V 4320mAH Li-Po. http://www.upgradelaptops.com/uploads1/pro..._1185381675.jpg That's the battery there. As you can see, it uses dell's proprietary port for the expansion slots on most dell laptops. I don't have the balls to figure out the circuits on this battery, but it looks like it's worth the work, as long as nothing is broken in the process. Now why should you care? - it's a 11.1V 4320mAH Li-Po - can be snagged on ebay for $40 brand new - compatible dell laptop can be used to discharge and charge safely Now obviously there are some cons here, like the battery being the shape of a CD case, and having to be in possession of a compatible dell laptop to recharge (I'm not aware of an external charger for secondary bay batteries). If anyone cares to step it up and put the work in, this info may serve as a good start. I obviously won't as I'm a jobless 17 year old with no experience in electricity who doesn't want to risk anything. The battery model code is 4R084. If anyone is interested, give it a shot...at your own risk of course.
  3. This is a very good post! It'll help solve a lot of questions about bb weights and the physics around them. I found this article useful and I've been reading it for the past 30 minutes, haha. I vote pin.
  4. It's not. Besides the small metal parts (sights, front sling mount, etc) the upper receiver and RAS are metal. The lower receiver and stock are both plastic. Some parts of the cocking tube are metal and some plastic. This applies to the Echo 1 version.
  5. Wow, I'm afraid to put a 9.6v in mine and you're going all the way up to the 11.1v. Geez, haha. Tell us how it fares out after a while, because I've been considering a higher voltage battery in mine.
  6. Yes, I saw the ProWin box. It's labeled as a version 2 gearbox, but it's also labeled as an M4/M16 box, so I don't know if it'll work in an MP5.
  7. I've been wondering about these, because I know ICS guns use them. At first I thought these were totally useless, but after experiencing a few mechbox takedowns (a V2 and a V3), I realized how valuable a split gearbox is. Both takedowns needed more than two hands to reassemble. With anti-reversal latches, triggers, springs, and cylinders to hold in place, I just don't see how people go through a 1-piece gearbox disassembly/reassembly on a frequent basis, but how come I don't hear a lot about people using them? Thing is, I don't see too much discussion about them. Are they unreliable (crack with powerful springs)? Do the top and bottom half align differently than with a full 1-piece case (making upgrades incompatible)? And is there any place to buy one? I was thinking of putting one in my MP5, but I'm concerned with fitting as it's not an ICS gun, reliability, and general availability.
  8. I have it and I'm very happy with it. Take note that it's not full metal though. The upper receiver and RAS system is metal. The other big pieces are mostly plastic (stock, lower receiver, cocking tube). I made a few videos a while back that might interest you. Make sure to read the video description for the second one as it explains the listed internal upgrades.
  9. That's exactly what I thought too. Your post is very vague though. Are you speaking of misfiring? Or just simply running empty? If it's misfiring, try lubing the magazine well and the magazine feed. If what you're talking about is just running empty, then that's normal. You need to wind the magazine more/refill it. You'll never shoot all the BB's in a high-cap. There'll always be some left in the magazine.
  10. I haven't had any bad experiences from them, but then again the most I've ordered from there were BB's. I placed maybe 3 different orders on BB's, and shipping was fast, product was exactly as advertised, etc. A lot of people say that their customer service is pretty bad, but I've never come into contact with them, so I wouldn't know. My friend on the other hand actually placed an order recently (as in, a week ago) for a JG BAR10, a propane adapter, and a few gas gun upgrades (for his gas pistol, not the BAR10, to prevent confusion) and had no problems with them. He even called them to get an update on the shipment and get a tracking number (since he was didn't want to wait for them to update his order status that night) and he told me that they were very polite and helpful. I'm relatively new to airsoft (1 1/2 years) so maybe that's why I haven't witnessed/experienced anything bad from evike. Ever since I started playing, I've experienced nothing but good service from them.
  11. I mostly go to shorty's when I want something fast, because since they're in Delaware, no matter which shipping method I choose, the package always arrives in 1 business day (I'm in NJ). I mostly buy accessories there as they're not too overpriced and shipping charges are for the most part nonexistent.
  12. You have any extra mags with that? How's the seal on them?
  13. Hi, my name is Pat and I'm a 17 year old senior in high school. I have been airsofting for just over a year now. I like to play airsoft, because I love the adrenaline rush and love living the real pressure that you get when you're the last man left on your CS team (without real steel firearms, of course ). I use this forum primarily for reference information and I have just registered recently. I would like to join the secret forums, because I believe that as I am still relatively new to airsoft, I can learn a lot from the experienced members around the forums and hopefully be able to contribute in the future as I gain more experience. Thank you for your time and consideration.
  14. I get a cardboard box and wrap a towel around it, in a way that the towel covers every side of the box except the front. That stops the bb's and also traps them in the towel if they go through both sides of the box.
  15. I remember a day when I had my friends over and we set up targets in my backyard (gasp!) and we just sat down on chairs, passed a cheap springer around and shot it up. A few months later, a good 10-15 of us have electrics. I guess it's just the people you show it to. Like the friends I had over are the regulars whenever we have a LAN party or play football, so they're all people that are into shooters, sports, and the like.
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