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  1. Just make sure you clean the bushings and gearbox shell off before you glue them. You don't want any grease or any oil residue left behind, otherwise the glue won't stick very well.
  2. Googleoverstock is safe, my friends and I have ordered from them a few times, no problems. Not sure about that combo, but this mask fits pretty well with flakjaks. The mask is pretty uncomfortable out of the box, but you can bend it to fit your face. (since it's mesh) Once you get it adjusted it's fine. http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?products_id=33680
  3. I always thought you use type 1 cylinders for 363mm barrels and that type 2s are for like 247mm barrels?? Is a type 1 for like a 400-455mm then?
  4. This may sound stupid, but have you tried looking through the barrel with the hop up on to see if the bucking is indented evenly? Slowly turn the hop up on and watch to see how the bucking is indented. Twist the barrel and adjust it until it is even if necessary. If that still doesn't work, the hop up wheel may be pressing the hop up arm down at an angle. The nub may not be sitting level in the hop up arm....etc...
  5. Was it a real flashbang, or was it one of those thunder Bs or something like that? I generally use a beanie or some kind of hat, flakjaks, and one of those mesh lower face masks.
  6. Any 247mm AEG barrel. Go for a 6.03mm+, don't get a 6.01mm. Madbull makes great, affordable barrels.
  7. Stealthmaster14

    JG bb's?

    My JG G36C came with a small packet of Goldenball bbs. They are fine. As long as they say goldenball on them at least...
  8. Uh..can't say on the fps, I didn't have it chronoed. The SP110 was pretty much dead, so about 350 fps tops. I have a different spring in there now, I'd say it's about an M120. It probably puts out about at least 340 fps with .25s. (so like the 370+ with .2s) ROF is about 17 rps, maybe a bit faster with an Elite 9.6v 2000mah battery.
  9. Keep the stock bucking and get an H nub or SCS. The stock bucking is actually pretty high quality. Otherwise, I would go for the flat hop up or R hop.
  10. <AT>Godam Hammer That's the newest JG G36C, so yes, that is what we are talking about. As far as upgrades, you need to search around and at the very minimum gives us a target FPS and ROF.
  11. For the record, M4 mags feed fine in G36s, unless you have crappy mags and a bad magwell adapter. I personally love having M4 mags in the G36. M4 mags are lighter (if they are plastic), the midcaps are higher quality, and they are cheaper and easier to get. Go with the JG. It's a solid gun.
  12. I haven't heard anything about the CYMA G36s... Are you sure it's really a CYMA? If it is a CYMA, it should be a pretty good gun. The newest JG G36s are excellent. The nylon fiber body is better than an SRC G36 IMO. The internals are pretty good, it could use a few upgrades/tweaks (metal bushings, reshim/regrease, a different piston head). Overall, very nice gun, especially for the price. I would have no problems paying $200 for mine. http://www.popularairsoft.com/news/extensi...new-jg-g36c-aeg I can't vouch for the CYMA G36 specifically, but CYMA makes pretty solid guns.
  13. http://forums.airsoftmechanics.com/index.php?topic=5786.0 For whatever reason, this particular ARES G36 came with a lot lower quality parts. I know that they used to come with the nice internals you mentioned above....maybe they've downgraded? Gears are labeled S&T, which is the company that makes the clone dragunov... I don't think the ARES will be a bad gun, as long as you disable the blowback and tune up the gearbox. With the JG, you get good externals, probably not as nice as ARES, and the internals are pretty solid. Only need a few parts replaced. The JG is also like $100-150 cheaper. If externals are really important to you, the ARES is probably a better choice. I'd personally rather have the KWA over the ARES though.
  14. Just because it costs more doesn't mean it has better quality... JGs come with one of the strongest gearsets on the market and their guns are also some of the most affordable guns available.
  15. Bioshot bbs. Better than KSC, TSD, G&G, AE, and GBs in my experience. Most accurate bbs I've used and they are pretty fairly priced. 5000 for like $20 shipped.
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