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  1. Is tactical airsoft supposed to be next to the Sams in that strip mall? I've been by a few times but it looks like they moved out... theres some tax help place there instead. Did they relocate or just rent out?
  2. I'm in the Lewiston-Auburn area. Not that far away.
  3. thanks for the explanation. He's just desperate because he can't find green gas and he's too young to buy propane.
  4. My friend across the block from me said that he wants to try using butane gas to fill his GBB handgun. How can I best tell him that would be a very bad idea? Does anybody know what sort of damage that would cause?
  5. Eh... ripoff or not they're the only place that has it in stock. Do they charge extra because they upgrade it somehow or something?
  6. What sort of modifications should I consider? Downgraded spring or upgraded gear box? Metal body? (I thought they said "full-metal") I'm quite new to modding AEGs. would a better battery increase the rate of fire?
  7. This question is for people who own this replica. Were you satisfied with your choice? I have been looking into this thing for a while and now I can finally get it. It says it shoots around 400fps w/ .2g out of the box which I think is wonderful, and the fact that it is full metal makes me want to get it even more. How is the weight / range/ and firing rate? Some people have told me the front grip is wobbly but I wouldn't mind that at all. There are a lot of full metal M14s and M16s but AK's are more my style, when I finally saw this thing my reaction was thanks for being so helpful ASF
  8. I think this might be off topic but does anyone have any tips on dissasembling/ maintaining this replica? And you are right bat21win, the uncocked double action on this thing is quite difficult.
  9. Thanks for clarifying. The manual that came with this thing wasn't as detailed as I had hoped.
  10. Could someone who owns one please explain how the safety on this replica is activated/ deactivated/ locked? I have never seen a safety like this one.
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