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  1. From what I've heard about a sr12; the max spring it can hold is a sp130 I believe with out additional modification.
  2. Hello there, I've decided on upgrading my jg g36c cylinder head, air nozzle and hop-up unit (stock unit broke). I have heard many things regarding the nozzle issues with the jg and echo 1 g36's, so I've decided the best way in not having to deal with any sort of confusion regarding the nozzle issues, would be to buy all of one brands parts and shs sells all the parts I need. So my question is what shs cylinder head do I need for my jg g36c long type or short type? Tiger tactical airsoft has the parts I'm going to be buying.
  3. Hi there. There are a few companies that make upgrade kits for a L96 bolt action. just go to google and search for an L96 upgrade kit.
  4. Yeah Im using a large 9.6v 3800 mah. Well time to get new gears
  5. I am currently using stock xvt gears in my jg g36. So your saying they will hold up to an guarder sp130 spring?
  6. OK so I have heard torque up gears aren't necessary If you have a good set of standard ratio gears, a good torque up motor and a good battery as well. So I am wondering what would be a better set to use for a sp130 spring? http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/upgrade-part/pa...t-gear-set.html http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/upgrade-part/pa...er-2-3-aeg.html
  7. I was thinking about getting that same hop up chamber your thinking of off ebairsoft.com, If you do get it let me know how it preforms as a unit it self supposed to a stock dboys unit?
  8. I apologize for thread stealing here, but I am wanting to run normal guarder gears in my gun with an sp130. But if you guys are saying guarder gears break what gears should I get that can handle a sp130 with out breaking my bank? I am currently using a guarder torque up motor and a large 9.6v
  9. So if I use a torque up gear set with the teeth going all the way around on the sector gear (guarder ITU gears) I have to use a half tooth piston; what piston are you using with your set up? So would these gears work fine with a sp130 than? http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/upgrade-part/pa...er-2-3-aeg.html
  10. Well I am going to be using an sp130 in my gun and I doubt xyt gears could hold up to that
  11. whats wrong with using helical gears with a normal tooth piston? Also what torque up gears would you recommend?
  12. OK as you can see in this picture the sector gear teeth go all the way around. http://www.cobraairsoft.com/popup_image.ph...87e97f0183bc4a6 Would I have to use a half teeth piston, or can I keep my full tooth piston? Also where can I find a systema air nozzle for a g36?
  13. Here is a review that might help some http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/Star-Hk-Sl9-t134629.html As for a FTK ones specifically made for the "g36" rather than a "g36c" are not easy to come by. At least I havnt found any
  14. did you shim the bevel gear up enough?
  15. I would say spend a few extra bucks and get the guarder infinite torque up motor, or you could the g&p 120, but with the g&p120 using a lipo you will get a fast RoF
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