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    Bagels(almost as good as pretzels), Meat( Im a carnivore), and wasting air.<br /><br />Sarcasm, Practical Humor, Toilet Paper ( Imagine what we would do without it ).

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  1. Holy Sh*t its been a long time since I posted on here.. I recieved a gas mask and shotgun bandoleer for the nuclear holocaust...
  2. If you asked who doesn't like Italians, then some people may have some input..... Yeah....nice M4...
  3. Hmmmm.... Some surplus gear....canteens,pouches, etc..(all ALICE) 1x Polymer Axe (single-side) 1x KA-BAR or some other outdoorsman cleverish butcher knife 1x M1928 Haversack 1x M1 Helmet Liner 1x M1923 Cartridge Belt Ammo (real) And thats what I want.....
  4. Oh look, we're already skipping down Political-Argument Lane!! Not even a page into the thread... Don't we have a seperate section for scenario's?
  5. lkewdnqlknqlwkdnqlkwdjqpwodjqlwkdnqw asm as;lx[aspkxaspkx[aspkx
  6. Both you and Cornington are :censored2:es. No need to insult the biggest sport next to soccer. Also, Baseball and football can kiss my
  7. ;klrjglskdnfs,dfnslkfnlkelknfloefrlaskhfalskndlakdapsojdqpwrnalskfbalskhdqwfbrbl askdn;asndnalsfkha;wrjqlwkjbrqlwkhfpaoehflwkdqlekfhqlw
  8. ** Wonders why everyone left the corner when he showed up**
  9. -100/-100 for the freak avater and 28341928310293871203981203981203981209721409127012947102947120497120947102947102/10 for the decent sig.
  10. Ohhh.... American is a #$%# language. If you don't speak it, your not Amercian. Nathanial Webstar ( As Most of you should know, but probably don't because your not educated ) changed many words in the English ( British ) vocabulary to " American ". Example, Politiks is English.. Politics is " American ". Also, &%&$ all you people who know different languages, hope you and your foriegn languages burn in hell! Seriously, whats with the ^$%%ing Japanese..
  11. If not, its on channel 74. Only happens once a year. If you don't want to watch it because you think its stupid, you have a very short attention span, please see a therapist. Alberto Contrador!
  12. I approve of this.. Hey everyone! I don't speak Japanese, German, or Chinese..and neither does most of America. We speak American. So stop with the %$^#ing foeign languages..
  13. I am looking for the Toystar rifles, and I can't seem to find them ( not even on eBay ). If anyone knows where to find them I will be very grateful. Cheers, killerpretzel
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