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  1. If you still looking to get the rhops done and cover shipping both ways I could probably do that for ya.
  2. pm paypal info ill take the painted silencer, assuming the threads are still good.
  3. ill try and get pictures up but it is an SHS motor and has the allen screws to mount the motor contacts to the bottom of the motor.
  4. Long shot on this *necro* exempt post lol but I too have an SHS motor A buddy painted my buddies gun. Upon reassembly he f'd that away. I found the motor to heat up along with the wire and batteries so I thought crossed polarity. Sure enough it was. HOwever once I took it out and plugged it in right it spun. Ok so were good. THen he wants to use the alan key mounts instead of the normal plug mounts. So I track down a second allen key to fit the motor as it only had one. Resolder nicely a connector. Screw on in and the other and nothing. I take off the end cap and look at it reassemble and still nothing. I thought maybe I switched something up upon reassemble and still nothing. I cant see any missing anything and its assembled as far as I can tell correctly. I just don't want him to have to buy a new SHS motor just cause his buddy painted his gun and assembled it wrong.
  5. To help anyone that finds this. I found the tappet plate is catching the sector gear and not moving all the way forward. I haven't resigned the gears yet but if this helps anybody down the road great.
  6. Ok so this is a common problem but the common fixes don't help. Its a upgraded gun and here are the parts. ics 3000 motor aluminum piston head(with good air seal) aluminum cylinder head Unported cylinder stock looking tappet plate and nozzle madbull barrel 6.03 sector clip I have had alot of issues. Its a teammates gun and im trying to help him out. He got it working and I put in a motor and new issues are never ending lol. It used to shoot even with a stock aeg bucking. I cant get it to feed with a stock or normal AEG bucking, however I get it to to feed and shoot bbs with a no lip bucking(stock 249 bucking) however it double and triple feeds and the bbs go a couple feet no matter the hop up setting. The hop up does protude into the barrel slightly all the way off so im working on adjusting the nub size, but its the same length ive used in other a&k 249s Also the air nozzle doesnt seem to travel all the way into the hop up chamber and could possibly be too short. I don't have any m4 nozzles to try it out. Im running an 11.1 on the gun and the speed really doesnt seem to be too high to keep it from cycling too fast or incompletely. Im going nuts trying to figure this out any suggestions would be great.
  7. Let the record reflect that I like this post.
  8. GUIDE TO AEG DMR This should be read atleast once and do your best to mimic, Id go the route of the Rhop or a modified r hop but its up to you.
  9. evike and asgi both have a cyma m14 rail kit similar to the G&P rail kit for like 30 bucks, and even comes with a rear sight ris to mount the rear scope ring. Evike has a 30% off sale right now allowing you to get a G&G m14 ebr for 350 bucks im pretty tempted but im gonna wait out asgi sale this weekend incase something better comes up for a good bit off
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