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    Interested in airsoft. been playing for a couple years. other interests are the steelers abd devils. I am a huge fan of both teams. riding motorcycles. shooting real guns. working. mythbusters and the military channel are my faves. im always interested in my job. its fun being in college law enforcement. theres always something new. other than that im interested in just having a good time.

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    CYMA MP-5 w/ upgraded spring and piston, CA fixed stock. Echo 1 G36C. not upgraded yet. various spring pistols
  1. Will the marui m4 mid-cap mags fit the echo 614? Just wondering
  2. So I am wondering where people have found the best price overall for grenade shells such the mad bull or king arms, etc. Im looking to purchase a couple but don't feel like shelling (no pun intended) close to a hundred bucks.
  3. I have the HFC M185 which is the glock 17. I have it fire a couple times when the pistol was on safe. I still haven't figured out why it ddod ot. Checl out the pins or switch in the internals for the safety. maybe theyre not catching all the way.
  4. Does anyone know if this conversion will fit the HFC M17 version of the glock pistol?
  5. hey is it possible you can make a sling for the g36c thats has the same design as your p90 sling?
  6. Hey thanks. My buddies and I are always looking for events. It sucks that there arent too many here.
  7. Hey does anyone know when there is going to be a large scale airsoft event around the NJ area?
  8. Anyone know where you can get custom patches made?
  9. don't forget you should upgrade your battery f you havent already yet.
  10. Im lookin for an M4/M16 carry handle sight for my E1 614. I'm wondering if the standard handles can be put on the top rail or do they make a specific handle that goes on the RIS? If anyone knows can you please post or PM me. Thanks Joe
  11. Hey does anyone have a good idea on how to make a handheld night vision scope into a a hands free system. I have a weaver nightview and so far all I can think of is trying to make something that mounts from the tripod screw threads to a helmet somehow. if anyone has a better idea throw it my way. thanks
  12. I recently purchased the G&P Knights socom supressor. Its full metal, High quality, great detail, and a semi-decent price. They are available in counter clockwise and clockwise threadd. size was 14mm. Has a 2-piece barrel filled with foam packing. I purchased for 25.99(USD) from redwold air soft. A nice feature about G&P's supressors that they come in many different marking styles to accomodate youre style and/or faction. So if your looking for a silencer then I suggest this fine product from G&P. G&P Knight's type silencer
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