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  1. I didn't think so, but honestly this is how it came out of the box. I didn't have an issue with it with the stock trigger assembly but with the Zero Trigger assembly it showed up. This rifle hasn't even seen but one pick-up style skirmish and the rest has just been target practice so it hasn't been dropped or torqued or anything that would deform it to that. But there is clearly a gap between the Zero Trigger assembly and the stock receiver. EDIT: Yeah I'm using the Orange Piston the was included with the Zero Trigger Assembly. I got the rest of the parts listed that are in the receiver area in my first post just above the images.
  2. Several months back I had decided to upgrade the spring in my rifle to a 150, and with this decision I purchased the Zero Trigger instead of just changing out the sears in the stock trigger assembly. Now the problem comes down to this, since the day I received, opened, and installed it not once as it allowed the piston to lock allowing me to fire the gun. I've tried just about everything that I could think of but believe the problem to be in found with the stock receiver not being level and therefor not allowing the Zero Trigger assembly to lay flush against it which is keeping the sears just a matter of millimeters lower than they possibly should be. And if this is the cause I'm going to have to file it down, but I want another opinion before I just do that and then find that I've complicated the problem further. My second guess is that at one point I took the Zero Trigger assembly apart to see if something was up and I could have possibly misplaced one of the 3 bearings that the Spring Guide stop glides across but I cannot find a schematic or a thread that has any detailed close up pictures of the PSS10 version just the PSS96. I have included images so maybe some one can see what I'm missing. Thanks in advance for any help. I only am including the most important images for a complete spread you can find them in this album http://s230.photobucket.com/albums/ee222/atekiel/Bar-10/ Gun: JG Bar-10 Cylinder: Stock Receiver: Stock Bolt: PSS10 Steel Bolt Handle Trigger: PSS10 Zero Trigger Spring Guide: PSS10 Spring Guide w/Bearing Spring: Laylax 150SP Piston: Orange Piston included with PSS10 Zero Trigger Cylinder Head: Stock
  3. First thing you'll want to get prior to anything else is a new trigger assembly. If I remember correctly they use a plastic trigger assembly stock. So, you'll want to replace that before doing anything that will place added pressures on the trigger assembly.
  4. As of current I'm running a 2.5" sunshade on my optics. It's just these seem to be worth the money or time/effort, depending on how you approach the subject. Couple more questions on this. All I can find is the military/tactical versions of these when I search so if you know where I can find the hunting/sport style if you could post that it would be helpful. Also, do they run by another name or term than 'kill flash' because that's all I've heard and if they do have a secondary name it might help me find what I'm looking for.
  5. Seriously, don't? I'll have to put the spray can down. But seriously, no worries I'm not going to jet out the front optic. But I gotta hope that if you honestly did that to your lens it was attached to like a NcStar scope. As for the mesh, does it actually work as well as one of the honeycombed styles that add a bit of tube depth to the screen? If so I'll probably just run it like that.
  6. Alright well, I'll update this a bit. I have yet to completely figure out what my main issue is yet that is leading to my problems. I haven't gotten a chance to tear into my gun because I'm still waiting for parts that I ordered over a month ago that according to the retailer got held up in off shore. Supposedly, I will be getting these parts in the next week/ week-and-a-half and will pick up where I left off at that point. Sorry for the delays.
  7. I was looking into purchasing a kill flash for my Leapers 40mm objective and figured prior to the investment I would like to get some feed back from those of you who use them. There seems to be a lot of upsides to using one but I haven't fully committed at this point. Also if you anyone knew where, if I end up making the purchase, I could grab one for my particular scope seeing how some of my research shows they do come to fit it seems. [scope is a Leapers 3-9x40 Full Size AO Intensified]. Thanks up front.
  8. I've gotten a few PM's on this subject so with that out there I'm going to try and clear some of the fog away. I'll start off with this, the sanding is actually done only because the spring guide stop on the zero trigger assembly is to wide or wider than the channel on the cylinder. So by sanding both sides of the spring guide stop it allows it to slide easily during cocking and firing without getting stuck. Preventing damage to the cylinder. Now that stated it was just a complication that wasn't helping out with the slam-firing issue, I don't believe it was the cause. It just wasn't helping. Now the slam-firing issue I thought I'd cured that but my gun is doing it again. Somethings that have caused this in the past were: 1:the spring guide stopper slipping out of the cylinder 2:the spring guide somehow during assembly ending up behind the spring guide stop So I'd check those out first. As for tips on where to start, the zero trigger is designed differently than the stock trigger assembly on the gun in many ways, but the key difference to look at is how the zero trigger locks the piston. This is why it comes with and requires you to use the piston provided. From my understanding in other clones this has presented an issue due to the spacing. This may also be true in the case of the bar-10, I don't know. But it's a good spot to start looking. As I have a gut instinct that this will be the problem area but am not certain. So you might run a few searches on the forums and even as far as google or any other search engine for 'Zero Trigger Issues', 'Zero Trigger Fitting Issues, or something of the nature. I haven't had the time to open my gun back up in the last few days to identify the problem or fix it but I'll post when I do and hopefully have some images if they're necessary. I hope this gets you on the right track if you need answers quickly, but if you want you can wait it out and I should, fingers crossed, have an idea on the situation by at least mid-week. One of the messages I have received also threw this possible cause and fix out on the table so you guys might check this as well if you're having issues.
  9. lol, it's all good. I wasn't slamming your prior statement, I was just throwing it out there. But now that I read back over it it does seem a bit sarcastic, lol. But, trust, wasn't meant to be.
  10. Thanks for the responses. Turns out I'm not the only one having this issue. The fix basically boils down to sanding the spring stop on the zero trigger a bit on either side so that it fits the channel of the cylinder. That's the simplest answer. As for the main discussion I'll provide the link to a more in depth conversation on the subject just in case someone does a search on this they can find the fix a bit easier. I'm also going to edit the title to include "Bar 10" for easier finds. Maybe help someone else out later. But here it is: http://www.airsoftretreat.com/forums/index...833.0;topicseen As for the cloners, I'm all for them. I probably wouldn't have invested in a rifle if I knew I was going to gut out most of the rifle for upgrades [$$$]. The initial investment would've killed me at the time. But as the time passes I could look back at the previous comment and slap myself, who knows. As for now though, I'm for them. Thanks again. w00t
  11. Yep, I'd read up on the install prior and have taken the O-Ring off of my old piston and have placed it on the new piston (the orange one that comes with the Zero Trigger Assembly) and am currently using the new piston. I have a fear that it may be due to the tight fit or a by product of that problem that's causing the slam firing. I just don't know if this is a common problem within the JG Bar-10 line when it comes to upgrading the trigger assembly.
  12. Parts list up front: JG Bar-10 (Version 3) Zero Trigger Assembly Laylax Spring Guide Laylax 150sp Problem: Ok, so I was all excited when I found out the parts were arriving today (day off). So I got in all the parts listed and proceeded to take down my rifle. Got it to the point to point that I was ready to start placing them in and that's when the first issue arose, the spring stop on the Zero Trigger was way to tight for the receiver. So, I brush off some of the paint (on the receiver) with steel wool and it was snug but appeared functional. Then the exact same problem arose with the stock cylinder, except this time when the cylinder is slide completely forward or backward it literally 'sticks'. At this point I wanted to just see if I could get the thing to bolt in and even fire so I reassembled the gun and now, atop the fact when I :censored2: it sticks and when I slam fire it sticks (<- that's a sneak peek of the next issue) it's now slam firing? I'm looking for insight on if this is a normal issue with the Bar-10's (referring to the tight fit) and further more how to rid my self of the slam fire issue and get this thing back to good. Any help would be cool at this point.
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