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  1. That XM110 is running a standard length shell with a long nozzle and front/rear spacers (for fitting a standard V2 in a long V2 body). We will be using measurements taken from that rifle to put together a kit for CA/G&P SR25 conversions that includes the nozzle and spacers.
  2. Closed bolt is more applicable to semi auto DMR style applications. The normal AEG cycle loads the round, then fires milliseconds later. Closed bolt will fire first, then chamber the next round so any movement of the nozzle happens after the shot. The BB being fired was placed there after the previous shot and has had the time to feed and seat properly into the bucking. Trigger response is essentially instantaneous as well since we're not waiting on the BB to feed first. In a hopup/mag system where placement of the feeding BB is unpredictable, the time required to return to battery can vary per shot. Since the AEG piston release is fixed in relation to the tappet plate release, it cannot account for the variations in RTB times. Even in "AEG Mode" in the Fusion system, our timing is adjustable, but not on a per-shot basis. Closed bolt just allows more time for things to "settle" after chambering the round.
  3. This is only a prototype of the upcoming 249 system with some "extra" components that will not come installed in production versions of the 249. The M4/M16 system is capable of similar performance, however, it is limited for both safety and cost reasons.
  4. I'm working on the new website now. I was hoping to have it up over the weekend, but I'm a few days behind. I did have a chance to post a new video this afternoon:
  5. It's a very simple procedure to swap the air nozzle, however, it's not something that could be done in-game or without tools. The "low velocity" and standard air nozzles will be available separately. On the subject of ROF vs PSI, the _potential_ ROF is a function of input pressure. Actual ROF is completely determined by the FCU settings. Although a higher pressure will enable you to operate at higher rates, you don't have to.
  6. Based on what I can remember from testing before: ~500fps w/ .20g (2.31J) ~455fps w/ .30g (2.87J) ~405fps w/ .40g (3.03J) To get a .2g to 3.03J it would have to be moving at ~572fps. We have not tested with .36g yet and I can't remember the numbers for .28g and .25g.
  7. Depending on your local site's max velocity, one of the low velocity air nozzles may be enough to put your max velocity within the limits regardless of regulator adjustment. It won't do 500fps from a 363mm in stock form. The 500fps with .2g number is also a bit misleading as far as power goes. Muzzle energy is a better way expressing the output. Gas guns with enough air volume will show a significant increase in muzzle energy as the BB weight and barrel length are increased.
  8. We are on schedule to release these in late March. With a 509mm barrel you can expect ~500fps with a .2g BB (2.4J), however, when using a BB of a weight useful for that velocity the actual muzzle energy is higher.
  9. We are testing several configurations of the air nozzle which will allow the velocity adjustment range to be shifted downward when installed. Although the velocity adjustment is still there, the maximum velocity available will be significantly lower. There is an internal, self-resetting pressure relief valve in the system to limit the maximum pressure (currently ~120psi) that may be applied, so simply increasing pressure at the regulator will not get around the velocity reduction of the "low power" air nozzle. These are production boards.
  10. Not at all. The pneumatic system + electronics will still be available separately.
  11. Production is moving along fine. There were a few reasons the release was pushed back. This is one of the main reasons:
  12. That video is older and was meant to show feeding capabilities even at low input pressure. I forgot the camera the day we tested with some better mags at higher velocity. We did get a picture of the chrono screen.
  13. bnoji

    Need some testers

    I think we have a spare cylinder head we could donate for testing.
  14. That system uses a rear-biased nozzle (like the Madbull 470), always open until firing. These systems are prone to double feeds and depending on return speed of the nozzle, chopping BBs on the way in. Looks like a relatively large coil (with large power requirements) sitting behind a blow forward nozzle. If I read correctly, the battery is routed outside along with the remote line. Also requires some modifications to the rifle in order to get your air line routed. All three of our prototype systems work on a different principle.
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