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  1. bump forgot about this page....here's my m4 and g36. http://www.airsoftbuilds.com/weapon.php?id=95 http://www.airsoftbuilds.com/weapon.php?id=239
  2. Thank you Logical...for being logical haha :) Kav, you've been reported. Stop thread crapping and bad mouthing me. I explained myself fairly. You just aren't happy with it. And no you are not understanding it correctly. Bye. MORE IMPORTANTLY! BUMP
  3. Hehehe....thanks admin. So yeah...basically, you load the mag, pull back the hammer, and you are good to go. When you pull the trigger the hammer is already back, so it launches forward and shoots the bb....which is why I'd consider it GBB. ************* Oh and mods! How can I edit my topic? I need to remove sold items badly! thanks!
  4. The hammer kicks, so I think it is considered GBB...haha. But yeah, basically the hammer kicks, so you can decide about that. <AT>Kavurcen Ummm....I told you already, there was a reason I sold you that gun for so cheap. It's unfortunate you didn't understand/fail to read and comprehend on why I was selling it for so cheap. Regardless...you spent $30 for a new barrel system but still saved over $200 on what the gun was originally paid for.
  5. I'm honestly not too sure. I know the gearboxes work fine, I'm guessing there just needs to be some hop-up adjustment. Like I said...when I last used them, they worked perfect, I'm just being safe and saying I'm not sure...and I can't test them out sorry to say.
  6. Bump. As you can see my feedback is going up. Supporting my point that the -4 I had were 4 whiny 11 year olds out of over a 100 deals before the new feedback system.
  7. yes, pm me an email or phone number please. BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMP
  8. Items that have been sold have been removed from the list. TO ANYONE WHO HAS BOUGHT FROM ME, just a reminder, I will be shipping all of this week's purchases on saturday. After that I will be waiting again probably till wednesday.
  9. Wow...20 pm's in no time! haha. Sorry if I take a little to respond....I'm getting similar offers from many people, so it's getting a little hectic! which is good. ALSO....pm me! Don't ask me to pm you.
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