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  1. Getting shot in the tongue sucks pretty bad.
  2. If it was in fact rare, then the price might be justified. But if it's not, spending $330 on an A&K is like spending $40,000 on a Honda Civic.
  3. You don't need highest FPS, just saying...
  4. You could also check out ICS MP5's. Just an alternative.
  5. That green MP7 is sick man. I haven't seen such a good paint job in a while.
  6. I heard it completely destroys your depth perception
  7. I've been Elite for a while now and I used the Elite Area quite a bit. If this is a result of arguing with vietec, then I'd really like to straighten this all out. And please, don't just post something and think you've ended the ordeal and then lock the topic. Let's finish something for once while letting everyone explain themselves.
  8. lolthnx I do like the second one Eissaye. You use the pen tool and a gradient overlay for that?
  9. Or we could start a Sig Squad.
  10. Do you blast some Gorilla Zoe while you roll on your 24's in that? :D My friend has 2 12's in his trunk and the amount of the bass they give is enormous.
  11. Post some stuff you made so people will have an idea of how good you are.
  12. Can we link YouTube videos for this :o?
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