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  1. it's great, I actually just put it up for trade on arnies though, I really need to get a magnifying scope =/ it's got a red/green reticule, fully adjustable windage and elevation and come with a high and low mount + spare battery if anyone has an m3/m1 or a short dot style scope they wanna trade lemme know
  2. cheek rest is from evike don't waste your money on a ps3, get an m14 =D
  3. I saved it from when I traded my m4, I figured with the standard engagement distances in airsoft, a magnifying scope wasnt really needed. but after my last skirmish I found out just how bad my eyesight is without glasses and sweat streaming into them and couldnt quite distinguish targets from the terrain and undergrowth also it isnt really that heavy, about the same if not a little less than my friend m4 and the range was much better
  4. here's my TM socom m14, running about 410 fps with .2's and about 350ish with .28's, I actually don't use the rail covers anymore and am thinking of getting a magnifying scope later on parts list: TM socom base gun KA RAS kit EBB AP micro cheek rest guarder FTK prommy TBB custom paint job by yours truly got out of m4's because it just takes too much money and work to get them just the way you want them, with m14's, you're good to go with just a few upgrades =D
  5. bump cmon people just throw me offers
  6. you seem like nice guy, I give you discount =P
  7. bump also in my want list: tanaka m24's or m700 AICS whorify and roecar can vouch for this gun =)
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