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  1. O.o Sexy What gas system do VFC GBBRs use?
  2. I figured that might have been the reason. I thought the letter detailing how they modified the WA made it clear that they would seize any of those guns entering the US? At least thats how I came off to me. Where'd you order it from? And yea I read most of that thread. Its pretty interesting that were able to do that, even with a bit of modification. But I highly doubt anyone who would want an illegal weapon would go though all that crap just for something that MIGHT be able to fire in automatic.
  3. First off, I wanna say that this rifle looks amazing. Would you ever skirmish with it? And second, is it just the GBBRs with the WA system in them that are being banned? As silenthunter said, WEs are still okay, so (from a purely economical standpoint) is it that big of a deal that you can't get WAs? Never held one but from what I've read WEs are great guns. And less expensive. P.S. Sorry if I'm asking stupid questions, I don't know very much about GBBRs.
  4. Really? Is the rail different from the RS? In that picture of the slovenian army they had aimpoints on them (I think).
  5. God I want one of these so badly. But that 400 dollar price tag is out of my range right now. Please tell me you're going to put an aimpoint or something on it. F2000s look so sick with aimpoints. The sight that is made for them makes it look too bulky, not to mention it probably has a lower field of vision. Also are you going to make a review?
  6. says the guy with one post... lol just messing. no but I agree kwa is the best choice if you're looking for ARs
  7. GGs don't have tabs. The upper receiver slides on from the front of the gun over the gb. In fact the gb doesn't even have the slots neccassary for an upper with tabs.
  8. Try pulling out the charging handle abit and then push in the upper reciever. Just to clarify, yours slides on and doesn't fold down right? This always help with my standard gg m4
  9. yea I'll have to see because the connectors I have now have a bit too much soder and shrink wrap on them and are pretty hard to get in. I'll wait and see how it fits
  10. Hey, I recently recieved the gp m120 I ordered from asgi and it came with some connectors that are screwed onto the motor as apossed to just slid on. Would they provide any benefit at all or should I just keep them as backups in case my standard connectors break (again)? Thanks for the help
  11. You are some kind of A**hole. Granted you can look up these parts, hes asking a question, and a useless post telling him how useless he is wont do anything to resolve his issue, it will just showcase how much of a douche you are. Anyways, OP, look around these forums for threads regarding basic V2 accuracy upgrades, or advanced upgrades. There are TONS, then, once you narrow your questions down, I recommend you revise your questions as not to deal with useless posts from bored kids. Look into a STS, or shock transfer system, youll need it with a massive spring upgrade. Youtube it. -Santa edit-BAMF didnt sign out of my comp, so this is SANTA.
  12. alright thanks. I think it needs to be reshimed a bit
  13. all right, thanks for the help. supersanta over there informed me the I would only lose about 15 fps with .25s. silly boy. but I may get it as a durability upgrade. p.s. santa is having real compression problems with his CA scar (320 with a m120 and .2s) so if anyone has any advice for him I'm sure he'd appreciate it
  14. sr25s do indeed have longer nozzles no idea if they'll fit on a scar but it may be worth a try
  15. well to get the body on you'll have to take off the grip and take the motor out of it but as long as you don't mess with the grip plate you shouldn't have to readjust. and you've gone through multiple pinion gears just by having your motor height wrong? that seems very strange. on my proline gg m4 it doesn't seem to matter where I adjust the height to. it always sounds the same.
  16. So I'm not quite getting as good compression as I want in my m4. it has a m120 spring in it and is shooting about 360 with .25 ksc bbs. it also has a systema air nozzle. I have the stock ported piston head in it and someone has told me that it has much better compression when the piston is actually moving quickly. I hadn't heard this before and it makes sense but all the same can anyone confirm this? back to the cylinder head, do you think it would be worth it to get a new one? the stock one looks fairly plasticky and weak but I'm not sure if this is the compression problem. If I do replace it, I was looking at the systema area 1000 cylinder head. Does anybody have any experience with this? cylinder head: http://www.airsoftatlanta.com/ProductDetai...47&CartID=1 Thanks for the help
  17. there are WAY to few replacement parts for the scar.
  18. yea I'm probably gonna put an aimpoint or something on it. the sight makes it a bit tall. I just wanted to see a picture of the airsoft one with a scope but that one looks pretty real to me. Also whoever was talking about it being cod MW 2 in here, I've known about the f2000 for a long time, I'm not just some kid who wants to have a gun in a video game I like
  19. do the current g&g's come with a metal or plastic cylinder head? because when I got mine it had a plastic cylinder head and it seems to be giving me compression issue's. if it is plastic then you might want to look into another one.
  20. why is the tan version $40 dollars more? also thats frickin awesome, but the hop-up better be good cuz it looks like your stuck with it
  21. oh my god. I want that f2000 soooooooo bad. I would kill for it. ^do you have a link to that pic of it with the scope?
  22. But if we are talking COD 4 distances, im pretty sure I could hit someone with an M4. so why would you need to hike? I get what you're arguing though and I agree. EDIT: ^ actually im talking about getting it at midnight and playing all night and not going to school the next day. its gonna be sick because two of my friends are doing it too.
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