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  1. Hi, me and my airsofting group, are looking for some people in the Rolla, Mo area, doesnt have to be in Rolla, but as long as you can get here thats fine. We play on a 200 acre land, and 300+ acre... Lots of barns, ponds, fields, forests, and such. PM me if your interested. -Garrett
  2. well I actually play on about 300 acres now with about 20 people, and its interesting... lol, we try to constrict people to certain areas, but yeh... I would like about 100 people, in a Wyoming desterty, with long grass... great for sniping.
  3. was hiding behind a fallen tree, and a friend got in front of me with a stronger gun, and I couldnt seem to get him, so I went to run backwards to get behind some thicker bush, and right as I started to run he shot me in the back of the head and scared me, I flew forward and hit my head against a tree branch... it broke off and I got a minor concussion... it was quite funny
  4. city streets cuz I like sniping and that would be sweet to snipe from buildings and such. and a meadow same reason with sniping, and I've always wanted to sit at the top of a field/hill and snipe everyone as their trying to find me, so I would also want a field with TALL grass, like out west with the long grass... that would be beastly with a ghillie
  5. I'm either going into the Airforce for aviation, because I'm told that I'm really smart, and it'd be good and make alot of money... or I would like to go in for scout sniper as a marine, big jump I know, but its a dream I would want to do... I'm in great shape and working on pumping some iron... dunno if I can handle the beating in training as I've heard.
  6. I really don't think its a sport, mainly because I play a lot of school sports, and I personally think a sport requires much more than just running around shooting a gun. I'm not saying its as bad as cheer leading, but until the game requires pain, blood, and sweat (not getting shot and getting blood) its not gonna be a sport to me. but its almost their, close enough to paint balling, I consider it a sport, but I believe paint balling gives more of an adrenaline rush... and I do think airsofting may one day be a sport edit: I think it becoming another paint ball might do the "sport" some good, it needs some positive advertisement, and needs some bringing out.
  7. lol yeah, I just got into sniping though... I was looking for some camo videos and I ran into this, and I was like wOOt! lol
  8. I was able to get EVERYTHING for my ghillie I'm making but my netting -_-' it sucks, not even walmart has a volleyball net or anything like it. I even tried our army surplus store. So I've come to buying something off the internet. I've had suggestions about volleyball nets but the guy at the army surplus store suggested fish netting... What do you guys think? Since I'm gonna get something off the internet I wanna get something good, but don't really wanna spend more than 20 bucks on netting. Thanks -Garrett I found this net on ebay... #180200262545
  9. heres a great video on it on youtube http://youtube.com/watch?v=MxFSoCUcLhk&feature=related
  10. im gonna pop a question in here on this, with the balaclava things, I wore that with my glasses and since its like 20 degrees for months on end now, they just fog up... I really would like to wear something over my face since its so cold... but im tempted to just paint my face and deal with it? I tried tieing a handkerchief like the old western guys and the same thing happened with the fogging up :S any suggestions? -Garrett
  11. http://www.airsoftretreat.com/forums/index.php?topic=18106.0 huge forum post with lots of ghillies -Garrett
  12. thats fine for extra 10 bucks for a rail, to get a decent upgradable gun, and sorry on the double post, wasn't getting any awnsers so I bumped it. thanks everyone for the comments -Garrett
  13. I just need to know, cuz I've pretty much come down to this gun, but if I can get it from the other site, I'll save on shipping
  14. are these the same? http://www.airsplat.com/Items/AR-JG-VSR10-366.htm - GB JG VSR-10 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...roducts_id=2761 - JG BAR 10 Spring Sniper Rifle
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