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    1. JG Bar-10 modified 2.Echo 1 g36c upgraded with: 1. m110 spring 2. Madbull hop-up bucking 3. CA silicone piston head with bearings 4. stainless steel oily bushings
  1. If you want to pay 25 more bucks then go with the EdGi, its just I wouldnt because I know that the DBCs are excellent.
  2. the difference between the barrels is so menial its splitting hairs. I know many people that get EXCEPTIONAL accuracy with DBCs and people with PDIs and there are no noticable differences.. Im just saying that the DBC tightbores are very high quality and will most likely exceed your expections if you treat them right. But as for the BBs, you really need heavier ones.
  3. im just saying DBC is the standard tried and true tight bore and im pretty sure the only thing 6.00 would do is cause jams
  4. You really should know this but you need AT LEAST .28s to get any kind of range and accuracy out of your gun. Especially with a nineball bucking. I would send back the .25s and get a bag of KSC .30s . Also, the DBC 6.01 plenty tight enough and an excellent barrel, plus its in the US and cheaper than the EDGI. So pretty much you should 1. Get some .30s 2. Save for DBC tight bore, and use the rifle with tightbore and bucking for awhile and enjoy it 3. Save up and get pisont/trigger upgrades Also, I wouldnt get the teflon cylinder because the teflon wears off and I havnt heard any good things about it except, only temporary improvements . I think if you do the DIY mods, Nineball bucking and DBC tightbore you will be very satisfied. I gaurantee you will be happy with the performance compared to your m14. And about the screws, Ive had mine for awhile and my screws are just starting to show some wear. You just need to be careful and not man handle it too much.
  5. DO NOT GET ANY OF THOSE GUNS!!! GET THE BAR 10 for $120 from ASGI with scope!!!!!
  6. no they arent begadi. I cant remember the name though. I go to that shop all the time and I know thats not what theyre called. Ill try to find out for you.
  7. ya I have pink eye so I watched all three. The part about the British sniper school was interesting and how that one guy passed the test where you had to sneak up and take two shots.
  8. Dude that is a total waste of money! There wont be anytime you need a flashlight or laser on a sniper rifle.
  9. Please tell me, where have you heard good things about it? Cuz its probably not a reilable source then.
  10. I don't know why stealthy keeps on mouthing off to people.
  11. I have no problem with his recommendation, I own the Bar 10. I was just saying he was being kind of hypocritical and disrespectful in the way that he said it. I aploligize to you guys for letting this get out of control I should have been more mature and not said anything about it
  12. I didnt mean to bash you cuz your 12 you just seemed a little condescending to the guy who asked the questions.
  13. My point is that you didnt make a very good gun choice by choosing a TSD m14 . And, most of the time age DOES determine maturity. Thats why they have age restrictions for things like a driver's license.
  14. I wonder why a twelve year old with a TSD m14 is talking high and mighty about gun choice.
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