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  1. Well it does take gas I may just be imagining things but it sounds like gas is being leaked but I never see any or smell any! I think I may have overly eager to make sure my gun was perfecto. Mods may close this sorry to waste space.
  2. Both of my Tokyo Marui Mk.23 mags, the one that came with the gun as well as the extra one I ordered, both don't take gas very well. The accept gas and shoot it fine but I worry that I'm wasting my gas because whenever I insert gas, it makes a sound like it is leaking gas, but when I release the can it stops. Maybe I'm just paranoid about my baby? Can anybody help? P.S.:I am using Green Gas, is this a problem?
  3. Oh, oops. Didn't do my research very well then. VFC it is! Closed
  4. Ok, so I've been working my butt off over the summer and I have a lot of money. Now I really like the look and design of the shorter Ak series, 74 or 47. And I have found that on trinity airsoft that they are both exactly the same price(the VFC and the Real Sword)! Now I have heard excellent things about both of them, but the only real thing is that I've heard that VFC's can be submerged in water and mud and other stuff. But the Real Swords are supposed to excellent quality and build. So I'm torn, both the same price, both good guns. P.S.-Which one would need the least amount of upgradeability, I hate poking around in my precious guns.
  5. I was hiding in an abdoned boat with holes and stuff in it. Theres a bright neon blue tarp on it and its relatively windy out so the tarp is blowing frikin everywhere. Well I try to blow along with it to try to act natural waiting for my team to push the enimies who were hiding in the wash farther on. Two players, one who was stealthy but stupid and the other who was just reallllllllly bad ran up and I popped up and shot both of them emptying the remnants of my high-cap. I kept shooting at the stealthy one's feet because once I shot him, he didn't say he was out he just became all silent and pissed(he's not a team player )
  6. I live in Tucson Arizona and there is a pretty big risk for snakes and such but what usually happens areound the washes and stuff is an animal called a javelina. Its kind of like a wild boar but all scruffy and smell like someone threw one week old on a plate. Really bad, pungent.
  7. The JG m16 and M4 models are no way a sniper rifle. You cannot really compare the two guns because the BAR-10 is a bolt actions sniper rifle, while the JG m16/4 is an AEG. I know I personally don't use the sights on my gun that much because I use a mask and just kind of approximate where my shots will go.
  8. I have about a half acre of land just outside of the city including a bunch of abandoned buildings. These buildings are not near any roads or highways and not near any houses. Would these buildings be good for CQB? ALso, what would be the dimensions of an average CQB course? I have some wood, but am wondering how much wood one really needs. Anyone help?
  9. Sorry. The search button is my friend.
  10. 1)I think I have an idea for what I want in my Echo 1 M4 RIS. The thing that I want though is a tighter spread of bb's and longer range, now correct me if I'm wrong, but would a new hop up bucking help this? What else would improve the distance and spread? A new hop up all together? 2)What type of motor would increase ROF, but not like ruin my gears all together? EG700? I have the money to buy new gears and such but would prefer to spend just for the things I want in it.
  11. Sorry, accidentally pressed back button, my b.
  12. CLose this one mods, I got it on. Sorry to clutter the forums. FallVictim thanks anyways, I figured out what the problem was.
  13. Yes, but I can take them off. I have the Echo 1 M4 RIS, with the little PEQ box for the battery.
  14. I need to install an under the barrel M203 grenade launcher on my Echo 1 M4. The problem is that when I got it there was no instruction manual or anything, so can anyone show me hopw to properly get this thing on?
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