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  1. Ok, so I finally got around to finishing my rendition of Noobie's drilling jig that finds the location to drill the outer barrel on my modified gspec... next steps are to figure out modding the hopup arm and outer barrel.. the metal is quite thin to tap and I don't want to add material to the outer barrel if I can avoid it.. any ideas? want to try fabricate something like the TDC where the adjustment screw will go through something meaty where the hopup arm is located and enough threads and not strip.. Too bad Noobies TDC isn't available anymore.. I have dealing with that little adjustment lever.. Also anyone have pics of their modified hop up on a vsr's? or have something they're working on? thanks.
  2. This is my first review that I have done so bear with me… I received this S-Trigger from Springer1. I already have the PDI V-Trigger but wanted to try something with a better trigger pull than my current V-Trigger and another alternative to Noobies M-trig since those are hard to come by. The platform: - TM VSR G-Spec - SS5000 Spring - PDI light outer barrel - Masamune Teflon Coated Cylinder - Raven PDI 6.01 430mm - KA bucking - ABB rings S-Trigger looks to be well built, nice trigger, polished contact points. When I received the S-Trigger one of the mounting points was bent, probably due to shipping but was easily remedied with some skilled whacks from a hammer. Bent: Fixed: Mounted: The trigger guard had to be modified but that was easy with a couple of files and a few minutes. Once assembled and if you have to do anything with the bolt assembly outside of the rifle, that’ll require you to remove the whole trigger assembly as the set pin is part of the trigger assembly. I’ve put about 100 rounds through it so far and the trigger pull is nice and smooth, even with the SS5000 spring I have in there. There are no trigger adjustments but I don’t think it needs them. I don’t have a device that measures trigger pull poundage but let’s just say that it’s very easy with the spring I have installed. I’ll be putting this trigger through some more testing next weekend during one of our normal combat sims games on the west side of the island. So far I’m extremely happy with this alternative trigger assembly. Much kudos to Springer1 for making these trigger assemblies!
  3. springs aren't that expensive.. besides what can you do to a spring that has been compressed... if it's shooting fine then it's shooting fine.. what's your FPS before and after?
  4. didn't forget the review... this weekend was jus busy.. then I have air guard duty this weekend so I'll try to get it out friday...
  5. So far it's very nice... even with SS5000 spring that I have, trigger pull is nice and smooth..
  6. K I got the S-tirgger in so give me a few days to download my pics and put it through some testing..
  7. as the title says lookig for a TM G-Spec/VSR-10 trigger guard.. thanks.
  8. thanks.. I figured there was some bondo use there... looks good though...
  9. like the stock.. what was used to shape it like that? thanks
  10. currently it's only at 650 with a KA bucking.. with the stock bucking I got to 750 but was having a lot of accuracy problems... also I'm currently fiddling with my hopup arm.. shaping it and finding a new way to do the hopup besides using that damn level on the side of the barrel. trying to think of a way to do something like noobie's setup.. I also got some SCS's in that I want to trying and use.. jus trying different things right now.. but as it sits <AT>650 it's pretty damn accurate with .4's
  11. PDI light outer barrel, v-tirgger, ss5000 spring, modified hopup arm, ABBR
  12. will it stand up to a SS5000 spring? how was your trigger pull with the spring you tested it on?
  13. k_h

    Show Off Your Rifle!

    I agree, it's shooting pretty high right now.. personally I wanted to see what fps I could hit and I'm pretty surprised I got that high... would I take it on the field with this fps.. dunno.. I'll have to see what my accuracy looks like with .4's. we have no limit fps games here but also does that mean I'll shoot someone close with it? ummm.. NO! high FPS rifles comes a lot of responsiblity and sound judgement.. I only use my rifle for long distance that's one of the advantages of a sniper rifle right...
  14. k_h

    Show Off Your Rifle!

    Currently (jus hit this fps tonight): TM Gspec PDI v-trigger ss5000 PDI light outer barrel Masamune Teflon Coated Cylinder Raven pdi 6.01 430mm Firefly hopup rubber Leupold mk4 3.5-10x50 scope
  15. k_h

    Show Off Your Rifle!

    lol that bipod was just a holding spot till my harris one came in.. but yeah that one is fugly..lol gun performs awesome.. ever since I seen daedalus on youtube with one, I just had to get one myself.. shoots great, kicks great... shoots 550 fps w/.2's it's not a light that you'll be running full speed with but it's got some good range
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