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    CA M15A4 SPC, CA MP5 , G&G M14, AK47, ICs M-1, King arms M1carbine, mg42, Bren gun, many other heavy weapons and many submachine guns....all WW2. Almost all offerings by KAW, many different M1911s, Co2 revolvers and automatics...mostly WW2 types
  1. Yes, two fill valves. They leak like hell when you fill it too. When I owned one, I installed new o rings on the fill stems of the valves. It reduced the filling leakage. If you shoot full auto, they deplete much quicker. Make sure to snug up every Allen bolt you can see. Marushin included Allen wrenches with the gun because they work loose very often if you don't use loctite on them. Here is a review I did of the same gun about 8 years ago. http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/topic/116645-marushin-m-2-carbine/ Since then, I parted with the Marushin M-2 and went with the CO2 powered King Arms blowback M-1 Carbine. Good luck with your gun. I hope you work out your issues with it. If not, there are many Marushin lovers on EBay that would give you a good buck for it... Tom
  2. True. Some of my favorite, decent guns came in plain cardboard gun boxes.
  3. Good point. I have had mostly great dealings with Evike. I still use them, despite a run of bad luck with some of their offerings. I don't expect the seller to have to "debug" a product, when the manufacturer puts out a defective product, but perhaps if the sellers spent a bit more on having employees make sure defective items don't get by their "post" the problem could be addressed. Personally, I enjoy fixing things, but there is a limit. My latest purchase was the 6MM Proshop M1919 machine gun. It cost a bit over $900. When I unpacked it then tested it, I found the air nozzle was broken, and that could have happened during shipping. The gun also had a faulty hopup unit that required disassembly to correct. That was a factory defect. Quality control should happen at the factory, especially on guns that will command a higher price at the sales point...or at least I would hope so. I don't expect to change the industry, it does function pretty well as it stands. It could be just a bit better in some ways... Tom
  4. Evike is one of many dealers I have purchased from. The smaller dealers do tend to be a bit more attentive to quality issues. The problem is that not all dealers sell the products I tend to buy. Airsoft GI had issues too. I no longer buy from them. I try to use medium size dealers on line, when I can, as I really don't have local dealers who stock the more unusual type guns. I have had generally good results with them. But being realistic, most people probably buy from the big online dealers....like Evike, Airsoft GI and others... Tom
  5. Thanks for the thoughtful replies. I guess I should have mentioned that buying a gun like the Viva M1919 and the Inokatsu M-60 was based more on buying that type of gun rather than buying quality insides. When spending around $1k for these guns, one is actually buying the sheet metal that makes up the gun. That is where most of the R&D is spent. Upgrading, if needed can come later. No problem with that. The main issue I had with both guns as examples, was basically the guns were falling apart when they arrived at my door. Loose screws, loose parts and damaged parts from poor shipping/packing practices. I sent the first Viva M1919 back as the hop up chamber was smashed and the body of the gun was gouged in various places due to poor packing. The second one was damaged too, but I fixed it my self. Another M1919 I just bought, a 6MM Proshop product arrived with a broken nozzle and the hop up was not installed properly. It was very well packaged though, with an inspection tag affixed. I fixed them myself, but again...no real quality control. There is a review of the Inokatsu M-60 I did here. Is shows how various important parts were rolling around in the box, screws lost down in the magazine and a problem with the trigger switch being disconnected. You might think a $1300 gun would be shipped in working order. It wasn't, even after requesting it be tested before shipping. Here is a review I did many years ago.. http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/topic/114935-inokatsu-m60vn/ Finally, I bought a G&G all wood AK47 recently. When it arrived, I opened the box and found there was a cheapie AK in the G&G box, not sure who made it, but it wasn't what I had ordered. The seller never looked in the box before shipping. After the exchange happened, the new, proper G&G AK, I found the new gun had two defects. The top receiver cover wouldn't stay on and the gun is slightly bent in the middle. The funny part is the gun had an inspection tag from the seller, tied to the trigger guard. I wrote a review there based on my issues here... http://www.evike.com/products/41085/ Finally, I guess my post was more about the condition guns are sold and shipped as brand new only to arrive in non working condition. True, some guns have better inside components and hold up better and some don't. My statement was more based on that whether it is a cheapie gun or a top end weapon, it should always arrive at your door in working condition. While a majority of guns I buy from a number of large online dealers arrive in fine working order, enough do not arrive in shooting condition. Enough to question the lack of quality control that seems so very evident in Airsoft. Thanks for the opinions. Tom
  6. I have been buying Airsoft guns for a little over 10 years. I tend to collect many larger guns like the Viva Arms M1919 and Inokatsu M-60 machine guns for example. At first, I collected simpler, less expensive guns and I was generally happy with the quality of the guns. I seemed to get what I paid for. As I found myself buying larger and more expensive guns, the quality control issues started to arise. There were issues with poor packing and resulting damage in shipping, to loose parts rolling around in the boxes with no idea of where they belonged. I did have many positive experiences, but the negative ones seem to point to an issue with Airsoft makers and dealers when it comes to shipping working guns with out issues. I have learned to expect some sort of issue with a new purchase when it arrives. I have had RPKs come through with broken tappet plates, H&Ks with loose wires, other types with non working mags, bent parts, loose parts...whatever. It doesn't seem to be any particular manufacturer...I have had issues with many, including top end names too. I am just curious if airsofters have just learned to accept the issues that seem to come all too often with new guns of all quality levels from many large dealers. Personally, it seems like there is no real quality control from the factory to the dealers. They just replace defective stuff after it has been shipped and deemed not acceptable by the purchaser. I just went through an episode with a large online dealer over a G&G AK47. They sent a lesser quality gun in the better quality gun box. I finally received the proper gun only to find fit issues with the receiver and a bent frame. Is this an industry standard? If so, are we tired of it or is it just me?....lol.
  7. Well as a follow up to those who may be interested, this is what I ended up with. I kept the stock A&K M249 gearbox with the stock nozzle. I experimented with an adjustable AK hopup chamber, but due to the construction of the gun, it would not fit. In order to acheive an adjustable hopup, I took the old plastic hopup chamber and drilled a small hole above where the bucking would go. I threaded the hole to accept a 6-32 set screw. The screw acts as an adjustment as well as the bucking. I installed a Prometheus tight bore barrel, 60mm longer than the original barrel, and installed some barrel stabilizing material (tape) to the muzzle end of the inner barrel. I put the gun back together, lots of hex screws, and test fired the gun. The shots went out at least 150 feet with excellent accuracy and speed. The homemade adjustable hopup works well. I may build a metal version in the future. I have a new upgrade nozzle and piston/piston head waiting in the wings for a possible future parts failure. But for now, the gun shoots great. Tom
  8. Hi all. I just received a 6mm Proshop M1919 machine gun from a online dealer. I set the gun up and proceeded to test fire it. It was awful. The rounds went out about 6 yards and fell to the ground. An occasional round would take off and go about 75 feet. It was obvious that the hopup was not working or present for that matter. This gun has no hop adjustment. I took the gun apart. It has a A&K M249 gearbox, seemingly well constructed, but with very little lubricant inside. It also has a plastic AK47 type hopup unit with the mounts and hop up adjustment areas ground off. It had a common hopup with a fixed bucking, which was not installed correctly, resulting in no hopup action at all. I also found the air nozzle was split in half, likely during assembly at the manufacturer. Anyway, while I have the gun and the gearbox apart. I ordered a Prometheus barrel, hopup chamber(that I can adjust), a new nozzle and tappet plate. I was also considering a stronger spring to increase FPS. I was wondering, what would be a good spring to install in the basically stock M249 gearbox? Thanks for any input. Tom
  9. Hello all. I have a "Matrix AK SVD Airsoft AEG Sniper Rifle by CYMA" I purchased a few years ago. It shoots okay but I am interested in doing some upgrade work on the gun. These are the parts I am considering upgrading/installing... Tight bore barrel...likely a Promethius Hop up and bucking A stronger spring. I don't use it in any skirmishes, so I was looking to increase the velocity to the area of 400fps. I would also be interested in hearing about any other ideas about upgrading this rifle. I have been collecting airsoft for over a decade, but I do not compete with them. I have a little experience with airsoft repair and I am interested in upgrading a number of guns I own. Thanks for your time and help. Tom
  10. Ahh, Nice. Since you took yours apart, does the flash hider come off by turning it clockwise? Evil gun talk removed:)
  11. I too lack the guts to try to remove it. It comes off clockwise to loosen (left hand Thread). There is no set screw to worry about, just the flash hider nut itself. I saw a few discussions somewhere else about the need for a heat gun to loosen it too. I was trying to locate the information so I can post it here. Check out the thread part way down... http://ww2aa.proboards.com/index.cgi?board...amp;thread=9955 It sounds like your could back date yours to a plain M1918, before they added extra stuff. I mostly collect and like the late WW2, Korean War era the gun represents, so I am leaving the additions on.
  12. I was wondering if anyone here has bought one of the new M1918 BARs from Echo1? I have had mine for a week and I love it. I purchased an original wood fore end for it and it installed nicely with some minor milling on the inside. The original front screw hole lines up with the inside metal bracket perfectly and the handguard looks great. The factory plastic wood isnt all that bad. I didnt care for the extra hole on the foregrip, so went with a real steel grip. The original wood butt stocks are a bit pricey at the moment so I will leave the factory stock on for a while. With shooting the gun, it has a high ROF and uses the 180 rounds pretty quickly. You will need quite a few mags if you plan on skirmishing with this gun. Historically, the loadout is twelve mags in a BAR cartridge belt. I collect more than skirmish, but I have heard discussions about using 100 round mags instead of 180 rounders from the factory. I don't know what that is about. More realism as far as reloading? The gun is nice and solid...and heavy. All the details are pretty much right on. I definitely recommend it to WW2 or heavy weapon fans.
  13. Your gun laws define "assualt weapons". In New Jersy, a Bushmaster M4 with a bayonet lug is an assault weapon. If it does not have a bayonet lug, it is not considered an assault weapon. don't muddy he water with terminology that only serves to confuse people. Here is the direct link to the NJ Sate Gov site with the bill to make airsoft the same as firearms.Airsoft Bill Go to the very end of the bill to read the airsoft part. It will make you scream. As you can see, it is the weapons law already in place being modified to include airsoft. It is a lot of verbage that just means your rights are going to be regulated. Again, it was shelved for this year but we must remain vigialant for such sneaky politics that will over regulate the airsoft industry and hobby. TJ
  14. It isnt so much that airsoft will be banned and more the case of airsoft being regulated to the point where is it a pain in the neck to buy and own it. That is what anti gun politicians try to do. An outright ban would not work well. They will chip away at various aspects of the hobby/sport until people just don't bother anymore. This is why vigialance and contacting your government representatives is important. Let them know how you feel about the issue if it is ever discussed. Like I said above, airsoft is usually tied in with "real steel" gun control issues, so keep tabs on what happens there too. Here is a link to check and see what your local reps are up to. You may have to dig a little to find any airsoft references. Also, type in "airsoft" in the search feature and see what pops up... http://www.nraila.org/Legislation/State/ TJ
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