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  1. The woods behind my house is my playing spot, no one plays there but me and my team/whoever we invite
  2. Boonie for both, I wear a boonie, and it's my favorite
  3. I don't have a job at the moment, but I payed for almost all of my gear. I usually sell stuff or do odd jobs around the house or for neighbors.
  4. Im votin with the P90, definantly a good all around gun, very versatile
  5. ok look, how many of u have gotten hit in a really important moment, or if it hit your shoe or something, how many times out of those do u call your self out? I call myself out on those, but we're human.
  6. 3 round burst is the best for CQB when you don't wanna waste ammo, and when your in close range. I don't like using 3 round burst in woodland.
  7. I agree with the if it aint broke don't fix it opinion. Not everyone is cheaters, so why change the bb we play with, so we pay more, if we don't cheat and don't have a problem calling themselves out?
  8. u still sellin the m249? and what do u mean its somehow upgraded?
  9. looks pretty good, what pistol is that though? EDIT: Wont the bike peg echo off and make the sound louder?
  10. uh, dunno if fail proof, but definantly mad durable! nice, if only we all had the cash to afford that lol
  11. beasty, nice camo job!! 10+ rating on the upgrade!
  12. that looks cool, bushy gun hahaha
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