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  1. At the bottom right of your post, there is a button that says "Edit." Also, you made it over a year and 385 posts without needing to edit a post? That's impressive, actually...
  2. I want to promote eliteairsoftbatteries.com. They are a branch of cheapbatterypacks.com, a website specializing in hobby/rc packs, and they really know their stuff. Their prices are good, their cheap LiPo balance charger is foolproof, their service is top notch, and they can make batteries in ANY form and with any plug.
  3. Bump. Offer away for the gun. Mags SOLD.
  4. Hey everybody! It has been quite some time since I have posted in ASF, but you older members might remember me. I am an honest seller and have never had any troubles in any of my many sales since 2008 or earlier. Look at the comments on my profile for feedback. Rules: No lowballing. Seriously, guys. Feel free to submit an offer, but seeing how I'm already taking $65 off the price of this gun, I am not likely to drop it more. No trades. (except for KMP9 magazines, accessories, or holsters.) I will ship within 24 hours of receiving payment (excepted: delays due to "acts of god.") PayPal only. I don't want to deal with checks in the mail. What I have for you all today is a BRAND NEW IN BOX Echo1 Red Star AKM AEG. This gun was bought but I never even took it out of the box. A teammate was planning to buy it, but he stalled and backed out, so I'm going to give you guys a shot. Also, as a bonus, the gun is already all packed up in a shipping box, so I am ready to ship it within a day of getting payment. The AKM is an excellent rifle, constructed solidly of metal and real wood on the stock and handguard. It is marked for retail sale at $235 on most sites. My price for this brand new in box Echo1 AKM is $170 SHIPPED (OBO). I also have 2 M4 high capacity magazines, both new in packaging. $5 each + shipping. Shipping is $2 if you buy 1 and $3 if you buy both. SOLD PM me for more pictures if you would like. Thank you!
  5. That isn't correct. The KM16, SR12, SR10, etc should all shoot at approximately 400. Also, don't compress the spring inside your gun by half-cycling. It adds unnecessary wear to the gun. Regardless, if you're going to CQB City, I'd suggest an SR7, SR5, or KM4 variant, as they all are factory tuned to shoot 350, which would be perfect.
  6. The leak isn't from the fill valve. The gas is leaking out through the BB tubes...
  7. I recently bought a three pack of KA 40mm shower grenades. The exact model I got is THIS. After testing each grenade once (with properly lubricated propane), I put a very small amount of gas into the grenades to keep the seals fresh. However, about a week later, I find that only one of the grenades is still holding gas, while the other two were empty. Assuming a slow leak, I tried to fill the two empty ones, but the gas simply shot out the other end of the grenade. I tried resetting the valve by depressing it all the way (and I pushed it as far as possible) but that didn't help. I even disassembled one of the grenades to ensure that all 8 of the bearings were in the correct holes, which they were. After assembling it again, it still didn't work. Anyone had any tips for me? I'd really appreciate the help, as I'm going to OP Lion Claws 10 next month and would appreciate a working set of shower shells...
  8. If you don't like photobucket, use another hosting site (such as imageshack). It is much easier than directly uploading from your computer and has no problems at all.
  9. Zed8

    3 Intellect batteries

    That charger probably is fine. I suppose it is just the cells. I hate Intellect cells. I had a few packs that lost their ability to hold charge after a few months as well. Since then, I only use Elite cells and they have never failed me.
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