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    I'm a bit of a chairsofter and a collector... TM P90 RD TM P90 TR CA P90 RD proline Echo1 P90 TR King Arms P90 KS P90 ST Toytec P90 Well R9 G&G SIG 550 TM SIG 550 ICS SIG 551 TM SIG 551 G&G SIG 552 ICS SIG 552 JG SIG 552 KA SIG 556 KA SIG 556 DMR CA AUG A1 Well AW-338 Tanaka M24 (shell ejecting) TM P226 KSC P230 KSC P230JP KSC P232 KSC G19 CO2 Glock NBB Marushin G21 Notice a trend?

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  1. mario20 left Positive feedback   

    He bought a set of KA 7mm Bushings and shims.....

    yee245 was The Seller

  2. fcma172 left Positive feedback   

    ACM Daniel Defense Omega Rail

    yee245 was The Seller

  3. Linglingjr left Positive feedback   

    ICS m4 length 6.08 barrel

    yee245 was The Seller

  4. kaninman left Positive feedback   

    Prometheus tbb

    yee245 was The Seller

  5. airborne101 left Positive feedback   

    Moved from Feedback Thread

    yee245 was The Seller

  6. airborne101 left Positive feedback   

    Moved from Feedback Thread

    yee245 was The Seller

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