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  1. Go tomorrow, airsoft is from 9 - 4 and bb's must be biodegradable. If you don't have any they have some available.
  2. I believe the TSD 700's are compatible with VSR-10 parts, if you do in fact buy one I would suggest getting the 702 because it comes pre-upgraded with a metal bolt, spring guide, and a stronger spring. The cheapest I have been able to find it is on airsoft station.
  3. I have an Echo 1 Scar, and nice I got it the hop up has always been too strong. With .2g's the bbs would always curve way up even on the lowest settings. Along with this the hop up was inconsistent and the bbs went all over the place. I decided to get a mad bull blue hop up bucking, and replaced both the old bucking and the nub each with the madbull parts I bought. When I reassembled the gun and began shooting the hop up was even stronger, and even with .3g the bb's flew basically straight up after exiting the barrel, and once again this was with the hop up turned all the way down. I assume this issue is due to the size of the nub, as the mad bull one is slightly larger and more resistant than the original echo 1 nub. How can I remedy this? I remember reading somewhere that a person had an issue similar to this, and they whittled down the nub with a pocket knife, if this is in fat a solution could someone please give me a detailed response as to how? Thanks.
  4. I'll look at that. I don't know much about the internals of airsoft guns but will that bucking fit in my gun? Also do you have an idea where I could get one? Because I have bee searching on google and I can't find anything
  5. I agree Does eege stand for anything? Oh and let me correct myself. THe tightbore is $60 at DB's
  6. Crimson, what did you do to mod your m324? Because I have one and I am furious ith its stock perfrmance. I am getting a DBC tightbore for it but that is all. please pm me ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The only paintjob I have is a sick metallic two-tone I did on my cheap little 1911
  7. Thanks for th input guys. I was doing some thinking. I spent the $100 dollars on the gun and since it isn't accuracte enough, I'm not going to use it in a battle. It is as accurate as a decent m16. I don't want to waste the money so I will probably go get a tightbore dso I can get some use out of it. P.S. eege do you really hate babies?
  8. Sorry I meant 6.01. THanks for the helps guys.
  9. Hey guys, I have a UTG m324 Gen 3 and I want to know how tight the barrel it comes with is. I am not very happy with the accuracy so I was thinking of getting a tightbore. But somewhere I heard that it was so close to 3.01 that I thought it wasn't even worth paying the $50 for it. SO if anybody knows I would be happy to hear your answer!
  10. I'm probably just going to take it down to my local airsoft store to get it fixed.
  11. OK, this is what I've done: -I checked if there was a bb stuck inside it. A bb was still in there from feeding but was not jammed so I removed that and tried shoting again with no result. -I have lubed up in the barrel and the magazine well -I used some device (I dunno what it's called. It has a red and a black little prong that you stick on siething to check the voltage) to see if there was and elctricity flowing throught the wires. There was jsut as much as the battery would but through when it was fully charged. ---It does not make a sound when I pull the trigger.
  12. Hey guys, My Cyma G18C has not been shooting at all. When I got the gun, it was working fine, but a few months later when I was shooting, nothing happened when I pulled the trigger to take another shot. I am just hoping you guys might know what's wrong with it.
  13. Ok thanks, I am pretty sure that it is an Echo1.
  14. Yeah I wanna get a full stock because I hate trying to squeeze a tiny battery into a even tinier space.
  15. Hey guys, I was thinking of purchasing the ECHO 1 M4 SPC. Since it is way overpriced at websites like Shorty USA, I decided that I wanted to buy it from Airsplat instead (It is $200 at Shorty USA and $115 at Airsplat). I juast have a few questions: First, I want to know who makes the gun. On shortyusa they label the gun as being Echo1, but on airsplat they label it as being JG/Echo1/GB. I am pretty sure that these companies are somehow related but I doubt that they are the same company. Second, I want to know what version it is. On shortyusa it says that the gun is the Version 3 because it has better parts than the previous versions. And on airsplat they don't say what version it is. Is the gun on airsplat so much cheaper because it is the version 1? Third, I just want to know how you like the gun (If you have tried it or you own it). If you guys have any links to good thorough reviews of this gun please share .
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