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  1. KWA M9 PTP or KSC M9 System 7... in my opinion are not that great. The gun is pretty good in terms of weight and quality. The safety acts as a decock, awesome! However, when the gun is on safe you still pull the hammer, on a Beretta the safety also engage the disconnector so the trigger doesn't pull the hammer down. It's kinda annoying when you try to fire, hammer :censored2:, release, nothing happen. Oh wait I didn't take off the safety. Second thing I don't like about the M9 is no matter which direction you hit the floor plate the slide release will not release. Beretta M9 will release if you hit it at an 45 degree angle. Finally, this is the worst thing I don't like about KSC/KWA M9. The material of the magazine and the floorplate tabs. It's pot metal, the floorplate tab is so thin, approx 1.5mm an drop will break the floor plate, and slap (trying to release the slide catch) will destroy the floorplate tab. When that happens you cannot secure the floorplate to the magazine unless epoxy it (that means no more fixing major leaks) I was hoping KWA/KSC would've opt for having the bottom seal and floor plate being on the same piece to avoid that thing tab (Beretta can get away because the magazine is made of steel not cheap crappy potmetal) SO that's my rant, as for rating goes, I'd say KSC/KWA Beats KJW/ Full metal Marui on every level except the magazine. Another thing to consider is that KJW has co2 M9 mags while KSC/KWA doesn't.
  2. What's the best brand of mags that would fir LCT/VFC receiver the best? So far I tried the G&P one, it would require me to hold it like a mp5 to feed properly. FYI Im using a Daytonagun, but it use LCT kit
  3. dude thats not dwell on that after all its got 70% nitrogen, 20 odd some in oxygen HPA setup is quite common now adays especially GBBR or any auto one as cool down might be a problem
  4. Get a new hopup buckling, you need to replace that every 2000 shot or so, it might be a broken one as well. I don't know about KWA quality, but KSC USP hopup is not design to turn on n off as it will rip the rubber eventually (from the dial)
  5. If you're getting a PDI or G&P aftermarket barrel you can get slightly longer ones Im not sure how long cause the Commando barrel from firearms only will allow 292mm barrel. To be honest there's no point getting the Commando one since the firearm Colt Commando is rarely seen, and usually its the M733 which has the fix upper WOC already release the vietnam version of it named XM1773 I think
  6. probably google translator issue. I seen this alot in alot of airsoft manufacture when they directly translate a cultural language into English.
  7. Duster gas WONT even cycle the gun because the AGM uses POT metal on the bolt making it way to heavy for 134a to cycle
  8. yeah umm its news... a year ago. (IM NOT kidding) this was known in the gasgun and arnies forum for atleast a year. They were' suppose release SCAR in decemeber 2008....didn't happen because the m4 ran into lots of problem. Did a quick digging it was release around August Last year
  9. my only reason for getting it was plinking and the shell ejecting, I would agree that it is crap. Shells dent really easily from bad feeding, also the stripper clip doesnt work half the time (It went in the magazine)
  10. Im not quite sure but Im getting my 98k this thursday (just for plinking) The shell thing makes me worry that it would be different from the aeg hopup
  11. Sorry for grave digging, can anyone give the site or the person who does the custom mod for the barrel?
  12. Just wondering is the magazine compatiable with KWA USP? I notice that KWA is listed as 26 rounders whereas KSC as 25rounders. Its really hard to find old version of KSC USP full size mags now adays
  13. kullwarrior

    KSC USP .45

    Just wondering is the magazine compatiable with KWA USP? I notice that KWA is listed as 26 rounders whereas KSC as 25rounders. Its really hard to find old version of KSC USP full size mags now adays
  14. the m16 use proper gas impingement to eject the round where as the m4 took short cut and as a result more carbon foul end up in back in reciever. Also 14.5inch barrel meant the 5.56 is not use to full potential since the accerelation is end prematurely reducing the benefit of 5.56.
  15. umm hate to ruin it but I remember its an AEG
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