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  1. I remembered this thread for whatever reason so I might as well post the schematic and code for the controller if anyone still cares, I do see mentions of Kuba builds every so often so hopefully this helps someone. It was built using Microchip's (the company) free development environment along with the free version of the HITECH C compiler and should be pretty easy to make it work again. Schematic:https://www.dropbox.com/s/5th7g0a4n55w9h1/schematic.pdf?dl=0 Software: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yn2hk89fse0qewk/main.c?dl=0 I did both of these when I was a freshman in college so there are quite a few improvements that can be made in both the software and the hardware. Feel free to PM me with questions, I still get email notifications of PMs.
  2. Solder the P90 motors, but those others will be a huge PITA if you solder them.
  3. I think I'd rather just throw a handful of BB's at opponents...I could get better range that way too.
  4. Why didn't you just buy the open chamber conversion kit? That way you'd be switching to a superior system rather than reinforcing a flawed one, and it's compatible with TM style hop ups as well, which is far superior to what WE originally came up with.
  5. You're much better off with an open chamber version. You can improve consistency a bit with a new hop up bucking and NPAS.
  6. Bump it up! I keep throwing money at my computer but no barrels are coming out.
  7. Just because the battery can supply a gazillion amps doesn't mean that the motor will actually draw a gazillion amps. A rather small 11.1v battery could easily outperform that one in terms of rate of fire.
  8. I have cash, you have barrel, I propose we trade.
  9. Why buy something if you could just spray paint the stock one black?
  10. I've never heard anything good about WE CO2 mags, lots and lots of people seem to have leaks that they can't fix. Also, CO2 is far more expensive per shot than propane. The hop up is terrible out of the box, replacing the packing is a very good idea. Whether you use CO2 or GG/propane, the internals will be fine for a couple thousand rounds, but after that you'll need to start buying steel internals. You pretty much need an NPAS, in the summer it will be way over 400fps.
  11. What happens if you push up on the mag while you pull the trigger? A worn out mag catch is fairly common and can cause weird issues. Or your rocket valve may be broken, also a common problem.
  12. A lot of companies on Ebay do that when the item is out of stock, I guess changing the price is easier than ending the listing and restarting it.
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