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  1. Almost finished. A helmetlight is on its way to put on the rail mount, and a ballastpouch.
  2. GHK PDW VFC PDW TM Glock 17 TM 1911 with MEU grips
  3. Does anyone know what kind of rig this is?
  4. Update on the helmet, removed the VAS shroud and replaced it with a OPS CORE one.
  5. Mayflower LE Active Shooter Chestrig (Ranger Green) Ztactical Z020 PRC-152 Dummy Radio Case Ztactical Z021 Antenna Package 4 Magpul PTS P-mags 2 TM G17 Mags URBAN ERT one point sling Safariland 6004 for Glock 17 BDS Tactical Modular Spent Mag Pouch (multicam) Tactical Tailor Double Pistol Pouch (multicam) 2 chemlights FMA FAST BLT Helmet (Black) painted with Krylon TMC Nylon Dummy L3G24 Mount FOR PVS15 18 NV MS2000 dummy strobe light ESS Ice Ballistic Safety Glasses with inserts EB HOODIE CLASSIC V4 TACTICAL SOFT SHELL ( Tan) Mechanix M-Pact tan OPS integrated battle pants with pads (multicam) Haix desert combat boots VFC PDW TM Glock 17 Comming soon TMC Dummy AN/ PVS15 NVG
  6. If I would be in charge of SF Operations in "Sentinelopia" :) SF would look like this: Comments and reactions are welcome.
  7. My first attempt to paint something with krylon (work in progress)
  8. End of this week this kit will be updated to a IRA kit ;)
  9. Opfor/ Eastern European terrorist loudout. I am playing a terrorist in a milsim roleplaying game next year. I think it looks ok but something is missing . It looks to plain, suggestions are welcome.
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